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In New Hampshire, Trump Touts His Victory, Calls Out Haley as ‘an Imposter’

Former President Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the 2024 New Hampshire Primary. Trump received an immediate endorsement from Texas Sen. John Cornyn, solidifying his backing by the Republican Senate. Trump mounted the stage, flanked by his son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Lara Trump, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who led a chant of “USA!” Trump kept his initial remarks short and sweet and allowed his comments to be interspersed with the comments from his surrogates.

Trump began by thanking everyone in the room and the state of New Hampshire for his win.

I want to thank everybody. This is a fantastic state, this is a great, great state! You know we won New Hampshire three times now. Three, three. We win it every time. We’ve won the primary, we’ve won the generals —It’s a very special place to me, it’s very important. If you remember in 2016, we came here and we needed that win, and we won it by 21 points, and it was great. 

Trump first alluded to Nikki Haley without mentioning her name, referring to her as an imposter.

Today, I have to tell you, it was very interesting because I said, wow, what a great victory. But then somebody ran up to the stage, all dressed up nicely, when it was at seven [points]. But now, I just walked up and it said 14. But she ran up when it was seven, and said we have to do what’s good for our party…She was doing a speech like she won. She didn’t win, she lost. Last week we had a bit of a problem. If you remember, Ron was very upset because she ran up and she pretended she won Iowa. And I looked around, I said, ‘Didn’t she come in third?’ Yeah, she came in third. Then I looked at the polls and she was talking about “most winnability,” whose going to win. And I had one put one up, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I’ve had one put up. We’ve won almost every single poll in the last three months against crooked Joe Biden. Almost every poll. And she doesn’t win those polls. This is not your typical victory speech, but let’s not have somebody take a victory, when she had a very bad night. She had a very bad night.

Trump then called out New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, saying he is “like Hopscotch” and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Trump reiterated Haley’s massive losses in Iowa and tonight, 

We had an unbelievable week last week in Iowa…It was the best in the history of the caucus. I’m up and I’m watching…Ron came in second and he left. She came in third and she’s still hanging around. 

Trump asked Vivek Ramaswamy to speak to Nikki Haley’s refusal to end the primary contest.

Ramaswamy encapsulated — in one line — the night’s win: “What we saw is America First Defeating America Last!”

Ramaswamy continued: 

The Leader of America First, and that means something. We gotta say this right. What we see right now with her continuing this race is the ugly underbelly of American politics. Where the megadonors are trying to do one thing when we the people are saying another.  And it’s up to us, to we the people, to at long last say, ‘Hell, no!’ We the people create a government that is accountable to us. And we the people have said tonight, we want again, just as we said in Iowa, Donald J. Trump. You want to speak truth—that’s the truth tonight.

Trump returned to the podium and talked about the border crisis.

Immigration is a big deal. We have millions and millions of people flowing into our country, we have no idea who they are. They are drug dealers, they’re everybody. And they come in, just walking right through.

Trump introduced Tom Homan, ICE Director under his presidential administration, to say a few remarks. Homan was brief, allowing Trump to return again to discuss the polls and how winning both Iowa and New Hampshire by such large margins was pivotal.

This is an evening that I will not forget because it’s the third time, but more importantly, I think it’s going to be the most important. We won both. Somebody said, when you win Iowa and New Hampshire, they’ve never had a loss. So, we’re not going to be the first, I’ll tell ya.

Trump finally trained his fire on the real opponent: President Joe Biden.

If you took the 10 worst presidents and put them together…they would not have done the damage that crooked Joe Biden has done to our wonderful country. They would not have done the damage. There’s never been anything like it. And you say, “Are they stupid people?” I don’t think so, because nobody can cheat that well if they’re stupid. Do they hate our country? They must hate our country, because there’s no other reason that they can be doing the things they do.

Trump pointed to Bidenflation, Biden’s attack on the American taxpayer, the destruction that Biden has wreaked at the Southern border. Trump then said that Haley is not going to win, but “if she did, she would be under investigation by those people in 15 minutes.” With a bit of backhanded gossip, Trump alluded to some secrets in Haley’s closet.

Trump reminded the audience and Haley that the next stop is not South Carolina.

She forgot one thing: Next week it’s Nevada. I love South Carolina, but next week is Nevada. And we just won Nevada 100 percent.  

Trump and Scott traded some banter about his rejection of Haley and endorsement of Trump as they focused on South Carolina, where Trump leads Haley by 50 points.  

Over a person that was governor, that tells you something. I felt I should do this, because I find in life you can’t let people get away with bullshit. When I watched her in the fancy dress that probably wasn’t so fancy. Come up here, I said, what’s she doing, we won. She did the same thing last week, but he was much more angry about it than I was (gesturing towards Vivek Ramaswamy), so I said, get up there, you let them know.

The fact that he allowed Ramaswamy to address Haley’s attempt to set the narrative portends his role as one of Trump’s key surrogates. Trump concluded.

We are going to win this, and we have no choice. If we don’t win, I think our country is finished. I do. I believe our country is finished. We have an opportunity to do something so amazing. And the good news, and the reason we have such support, the best numbers I’ve ever had, the reason we have support is because they are so bad at what they’re doing, and so evil. They are destroying our country.

Trump once again thanked the crowd and the people on the stage and made additional promises to return energy independence to New Hampshire and the nation.

“We’ll see you on the trail!”  Trump ended.


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  3. Now, the facts speak for themselves: Trump has never the personality and dignity to be our president‼ He revealed his true face when he cynically attacked Nikki only because her own joy about her modest succès d’estime! To ridicule Nikki was a whoopee for him accompanied with hate! This man should be our president?? No, no, such a man is a real imposition for all US citizens. And remember too, the Europeans have long ago realized that their past good 4 year US relation can never proceed with such an old, narcissistic and egomaniacal Trump. This relation goes down the drain‼ Not to mention his announced drying-out Ukraine support and not to mention his ingratiation to Putin – a policy that all upright democratic Europeans reject in the interest of their survival jeopardized by Putin’s will to re-establish the territory of the whilom Soviet Union.
    Make no mistake: This intelligent, young, experienced Nikki Haley having (other than Trump) a clean record is a respected person all over the world‼
    No doubt, she would be and she should be our President‼!

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