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Hoo Boy: Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Senile and Then Immediately Has a Senile Moment

Age comes for all, but I’m not sure someone who age has already come for is the best spokesperson for pointing that out. Enter Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who appeared on MSNBC to offer her vast wealth of knowledge and expertise following Donald Trump’s win in the New Hampshire primary.

During the interview, she decided it’d be a great idea to accuse the former president of being senile. Specifically, she claimed he has “cognitive disorders.” What she wasn’t counting on was having a senile moment of her own immediately after. 

PELOSI: Well, let me just say, I’m not going to spend too much time on Donald Trump’s cognitive disorders, but what I am going to say, and I want to, in friendship, say to Chris, he tried to say that Nikki Haley did not allow the national guard to come, but it was Nancy Pelosi. It was nei…nobody. It was Joe…it was Donald Trump.

Hoo boy. Glad we got that all sorted. 

Of note is that Pelosi is 83 years old. It’s a good day when she doesn’t sound like she’s inebriated. She has no standing to talk about anyone else’s supposed cognitive decline. She is a walking advertisement for age limits in politics.

Further, the fact that she’s making her comments while supporting Joe Biden, another politician over 80 who is absolutely gone mentally and may not even know where he is half the time, is astounding. I know most politicians are shameless, but my word, the disconnect there is incredible. We have so many instances of Biden showing he’s senile in a given week that I get bored writing about them. 

The next ten months are going to be mind-numbing, with both sides shouting at each other about whose brain is more toasted. As long as Biden is the Democrat nominee, though, he and his supporters are going to lose that argument. Everyone slows down as they get older, but the contrast between Trump and the current president is still very stark. 

Besides, how do you run a basement campaign while at the same time accusing your opponent, who is doing events, of being cognitively deficient? That just doesn’t work, especially when Biden is providing new clips nearly every single day illustrating how painfully senile he is despite being put on a massive teleprompter in highly controlled environments. No doubt, his campaign will try to make that case, but it’s not an argument they will win outright.


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  1. Why is age becoming such a big issue in this election;
    because of Biden’s, seemingly, blunders, daily?
    Everyone can say a wrong name, occasionally,
    regardless of your age. These networks are just
    looking for anything to discredit President Trump
    because he is rising in the polls, daily. I would like
    to see some of these naysayers stand on a stage
    for two plus hours and be able to speak to thousands
    of people, of all ages, and hold their attention and
    thrill them the way President Trump does. I am one
    of those people and I could watch him every day
    because he gives me hope for this country that
    we pray for 🙏

  2. I’m not voting for Trump or Biden. I vote party platform’s, period. If you want killing of living infants in the womb, open borders, high crime, high inflation, no 2nd amendment, no accountability, no morals, another war, diversity is first not most qualified, indoctrination of our youth in our educational systems, illegal voting, nomination of mentally incompetent candidates, just to name a few then vote Democrat nominees. If you’re against the above listed facts vote Republican nominees. Be honest with yourself foremost 2+2=4 not 6. Think for yourself. Thank you. M.N.S.

  3. Having lived in Piglosi’s ( The almost human semi-automatic Paper Shredder ) district in San Frantasia , I can say in all honesty that she is a stinking liar and thief. Now , she is showing the blaring signs of her mental state. She is now a dimwitted liar and thief. She and Ole Bid-on-me make a great example of today’s demorat party. The party that supports baby murder , whether in hospitals or in the hands of savages who cut their heads off. The party that supports open borders where Cartels of criminal murderers and slave trafficker’s are pouring illegals , enemy infiltrators and murderous drugs into our country. President Trump may be older but he is at least still in great mantal shape , especially when compared with the so-ca;lled ” Leadership ” of the demorat party .

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