Fmr MSNBC Host Blames ‘White Conservatives’ for Her Firing

Liberal tears are pouring out again, pointing fingers at conservatives, former President Trump, and Tucker Carlson.

During an interview, former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross blamed “white conservatives” on firing from the Left-wing network, claiming people in her industry were attacking her.

“[The way she was fired] suggest[ed] to other people in the industry that this person is so unhireable that we could not trust her with a live mic,” Cross said. “The network began attacking me. They planted hit pieces in the press. The network president began a bizarre, unhinged tour where she was on damage control; I don’t know what she was trying to do.”

Cross also said it was “debilitating at times” to speak about Trump, saying the network constantly pushed her to do segments on the former president despite her strong opposition. 

“It was a battle to cover things that I wanted to talk about. The network’s philosophy was Trump, Trump, Trump. They wanted me to be part of the echo chamber,” she continued. 

In part, Cross blamed Carlson for her being axed. She said that shortly after the conservative commentator “began attacking” her, she was fired from his position at MSNBC. 

“After this, the network did not issue a statement the way they had for some of my white colleagues who had also been targeted by MAGA extremists,” Cross said.

According to Cross, Carlson said that she was advocating for the start of a race war, predicting it to be the beginning of the end of her program. 

“Instead, executives spoke to me and instructed me that I could not respond to Tucker Carlson at all, and then they began to scrutinize my show and every little thing I wrote,” she added. 

Instead of accepting that her program’s ratings were taking a hit, Cross claimed her former employer “planted hit pieces in the press” and painted her as someone people “could not trust.”

Carlson’s race remarks remain accurate, given the fact Cross claimed her colleague— anchor Joe Scarborough— was the network’s “favorite White boy.” 

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