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Bill Maher Lays Out the ‘Battle for the Soul of America’: Normal vs. Crazy

Bill Maher often is interesting to listen to because he’s one of the few people on the left who is unafraid to call out others on the left when so many are so locked into pushing the narrative, however crazy or wrong it might be. Plus, he’s also funny — something that the left seems to have forgotten how to be. I can appreciate that he might have humorous points to make against the right, even if I might not agree with them. 

In his “new rule” set on Friday, he had some interesting things to say about how completely off the track so many have gone and that most Americans just want sanity back. And that’s true on so many levels. We’ve seen the world spinning out into chaos over the last few years. He thinks it’s not a question of left and right, but sane versus crazy. I’d disagree a bit and say most of the insanity is coming from the left. 

But he still has some funny and important points to make here. 

He believes sane people are the vast majority of Americans, which I think I think is true, although there is so much insanity. What does strike him as crazy? Someone driving along in his car, alone, with a mask on. 

“Who do they think they’re going to get it from?” Maher snarked. “The lady in the next car putting on her makeup?” 

He takes a swipe at Republicans trying to hold the House Speaker’s feet to the fire to get things done but does make a funny comment about the GOP moving to replace speakers. And I’ll give him we all have our frustrations with Congress not being a deliberative body and not getting things done.

He still is stuck in his Trump Derangement syndrome and when it comes to that, it seems like he can’t think clearly, repeating things like the dictator comment without noting the context or that Trump was mocking that concern. But there were two things when he was talking about Trump that I thought were interesting: First, he said Trump is going to be president again — as though it was already a fait accompli. Seems like Bill Maher and Charlamagne tha God are thinking along the same lines here. And then the other part was when he was saying the stuff about Trump becoming president again, the audience was quiet, largely, except maybe for one laugh. Compared to the next subject that had got a lot of clapping — when Maher bashed the three Ivy League presidents’ inability to say that calling for genocide against Jews was wrong, asking why couldn’t they just say “f**k no!” 

People should be respected, but how about “no penises in women’s prisons,” he argued. How about stop giving hard drugs to drug addicts, he asked, as he flashed a picture of the mess San Francisco has become. Nikki Haley says America’s never been racist, vs. social justice warriors, who say we’ve made no progress since Amos and Andy. 

Maher spoke about the insanity of how you had the Oct. 7 attack on Israel where so many young people were killed at a music festival in the desert (and hundreds elsewhere as well), but now America’s streets were “full of support for the shooters” led by “the exact kind of people who would be at a music festival in the desert.” “That’s the literal standard for involuntary commitment, when you’re a danger to yourself.” 

He spoke about how the far left’s new crush is the Houthis. Up until about a week ago, everyone on TikTok thought a Houthi was what you get when you hit your elbow, he joked. “The Houthis’ slogan is, ‘God is great, Death to the U.S., death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam,'” he said. He snarked that the college kids were all in, “Stop, you had me at ‘Death to the U.S.'” 

This insanity on the left is a dangerous thing — people marching in the street being supportive of terrorists, yet very few people in the liberal media calling it out. And the Biden team certainly isn’t concerned about it or chastising these folks in any way. 

Maher pointed out the insanity of them carrying a “Queers for Palestine” sign, and how that was never going to “come out well” since Islamic extremists like to throw gay people off roofs. 

The far left now insists men can have babies “if they just concentrate hard and don’t listen to the haters.” “Can everyone just stop being nutty?” he concluded.  “The battle for the soul of America isn’t right vs. left. It’s normal vs. crazy.” 

It is a battle that the sane definitely have to win. 

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  1. My question: Who is Bill Maher? One minute he is a rabid left wing Trump hating Christian hating fanatic next he is about as conservative you can get with views even Trump himself would applaud. Maybe the vaccines have done something to his DNA and maybe the old Maher has disappeared into never never land.. What ever has happened to him his latest views are good to see and maybe there’s a chance the old Maher won’t return EVER

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