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DNC Slams New Hampshire for Not Rigging Its Primary

The Democratic National Committee, which oversees the party’s primary process, is very upset with New Hampshire. What is Granite State doing to cause such consternation? They have chosen the temerity of actually holding a primary instead of rigging the process for Joe Biden. 

No, I’m not kidding. The party of “democracy” that spends all its time telling Americans that you must elect them lest the nation collapse sure has a penchant for taking undemocratic actions. 

The Democratic National Committee is blasting New Hampshire Democrats for selecting delegates for the state’s “meaningless” unsanctioned presidential primary.

The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee fired off a letter to New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley ahead of the state party’s delegate caucuses Saturday warning that the process had not been approved and that no delegates or alternates would be awarded based on the results of the unofficial primary.

“Non-compliant processes can disenfranchise and confuse voters,” Minyon Moore and Jim Roosevelt Jr., the co-chairs of the Rules and Bylaws committee, wrote to Buckley in the Friday letter shared first with POLITICO.

The upcoming primary is “detrimental” and “meaningless,” they wrote, and “the NHDP and presidential candidates should take all steps possible not to participate.” The committee asked the state party to submit a “compliant” delegate selection plan by Jan. 15. 

The background on this is that the DNC decided to make South Carolina the first primary. Why? Because it was South Carolina that helped game the system for Biden in 2020 when it looked like Bernie Sanders was cruising to victory. Democrats then decided they didn’t want New Hampshire paving the way for another impure candidate so they fully rigged the game in 2024, ensuring that Biden would face his most favorable state first to set the narrative and presumably end the process. 

New Hampshire hasn’t taken too kindly that move, and they’ve pledged to still hold their primary first. That’s led to the DNC deciding not to even count the delegates from the state, calling them “unsanctioned” and “meaningless.” But remember, these are the people who are deeply concerned about democracy and every voting counting.

Of course, we are talking about the same party that is desperately trying to remove its top political foe from the ballot going into 2024, so perhaps their “democracy” rhetoric is just that. It’s hilarious to see Joe Biden give speeches in which he pretends the nation is under the existential threat of tyranny while he supports jailing and disqualifying the person he’s most likely to be running against. Nothing says “democracy” like acting like a third-world dictator. 

Good for New Hampshire for thumbing its nose at the DNC. It’s not going to amount to anything, but sometimes a protest is worth the effort. Primaries are supposed to be state-level affairs that ensure the voices of voters are heard. Having a national political committee screwing with the primary processes to ensure their chosen guy wins is bad form, no matter which party is doing it. 

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