Moore to the Point – Gird Your Loins

Joe Biden may not have coined the phrase — though he’s liable to claim he did — but his infamous warning to Americans to gird their loins ahead of Barack Obama’s presidency wasn’t just another one of his trademark gaffes. 

It may, in fact, have been an eerily prescient warning looking a decade-plus into the future — only it was his own presidency for which we apparently needed to prepare and protect ourselves. 

There’s another reason to brace yourself, though, as we head into 2024. As of right now, Biden appears intent on campaigning for reelection and, as he doesn’t have the most spectacular record to tout, seems to have settled upon demonizing not only his likely Republican opponent but all those who’d dare vote for him, whatever their rationale.

Just ahead of his planned speech to mark the three-year anniversary of J6 — or, what the left treats as eternal political giftmas — Biden’s campaign is out with an ad that warns darkly of an “extremist threat to our democracy” as we’re shown jarring images of J6 and Charlottesville. 

Perhaps channeling another former Democratic senator, who became vice president and later, president, Biden’s apparently taking the fear tack, hoping to scare a heavily disapproving electorate into voting for him anyway, lest they be mistaken for scary extremists who hate democracy. 

Gird your loins, ya bitter clinger deplorables. Dark Brandon’s making his move. 

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