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The Pic of Trump and the Union President That May Spell Doom for Biden’s Chances

We’ve written at length on how Joe Biden seems to be bleeding out of his core constituency that he would need to win in 2024, including young people, independents, and black voters. And given Biden’s general approval numbers, he can’t really afford to lose anyone else. 

Now there’s a bit of news and a photo that may spell doom for Biden. It’s of Teamster president Sean O’Brien and former President Donald Trump. 

Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien met privately with President Donald Trump on Wednesday for an in-depth and productive discussion on worker issues most important to the Teamsters Union.
The former President committed to sit down with rank-and-file Teamsters, General President O’Brien, and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman in January during another critical Presidential roundtable with union members. The upcoming roundtable will be held in Washington, D.C., at the Teamsters’ international headquarters.
“There are serious issues that need to addressed to improve the lives of working people across the country, and the Teamsters Union is making sure our members’ voices are heard as we head into a critical election year,” O’Brien said. “We thank the former President for taking time during this private meeting to listen to the Teamsters’ top priorities. And we are eager to bring together the rank-and-file for an important and necessary roundtable with President Trump this month.”
Additional details will be announced soon as the Teamsters’ rank-and-file Presidential roundtable meetings continue.

The picture alone says plenty — they almost don’t have to say more.

It also seems an implicit acknowledgment that Trump is leading and may win, so they want to cover their bets. I think it looks like they think he’s going to beat Biden. 

It’s fascinating for them to do this at this point rather than an endorsement for Biden, who has been bending over backward and trying to jump through hoops for union support. That says something about the weakness of Biden and perhaps also the support of Trump among union workers. He showed in 2016 that he was able to bring in more voters, and this may be more evidence of it. This looks all kinds of bad for Joe Biden’s chances. 

The funniest thing was the reactions of the left to this. They were just melting down because they understood what it could mean for the election. They were mad, saying Trump was supportive of “Right to Work.” All the typical Biden sycophants were losing their minds. 

Then folks responded to the sycophants, pointing out that Teamster workers were supportive of Trump — that O’Brien is reading the room, noting things Biden had done that were harmful to workers, like his border policies.  

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