Biden to Observe January 6 with Speech at Valley Forge

President Joe Biden plans to observe the January 6 protest with a speech near the Revolutionary War site of Valley Forge, Biden campaign top aides revealed Wednesday.

The scheduled speech highlights the president’s strategy to use January 6 as a foil to distract from his policy failures:

  • Record-high invasion on the southern border
  • Soaring cost of living
  • Growing instability in Ukraine and the Middle East
  • Draconian pandemic mandates
  • Deadly Afghanistan withdrawal

A senior Biden campaign official told Politico that Biden was inspired to speak at Valley Forge because it allegedly marked George Washington’s “ascent to power” during a major turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Trying to draw a contrast to Washington, Biden claimed Trump refused to step aside after the 2020 election and “certainly supported an insurrection” on January 6.

“[Valley Forge] was the moment where [George Washington] was able to bring the colonial forces together and mark the beginning of his ascent to power before he ultimately gave up power in the ultimate precedent as our nation’s first president,” a senior campaign official claimed.

Biden’s speech will preempt a second speech on Money to rally the black vote ahead of the November election. On Monday, he will travel to Charleston and speak at one of the oldest black churches in the south, “where nine parishioners were shot and killed by a white supremacist in 2015,” Politico reported.

“We’re not going to wait and parachute into these communities at the last minute and ask them for their vote. We’re going to earn their vote,” Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fults said.

The scheduled public appearances come as Biden’s standing with the Democrat party is politically weak:

  • WSJ: Only 23 percent of voters said Biden’s policies helped them.
  • Fox News: 54 percent of Democrat primary voters prefer an alternative to Biden.
  • New York Times:Biden’s support among nonwhite voters sank 33 points compared to 2020 election results

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