Israeli Hostage Reveals What She Thinks Saved Her From Being Raped by Hamas Terrorists

Mia Schem, who holds dual citizenship with Israel and France, was held captive by Hamas terrorists for nearly 60 days. She was shot in the arm while trying to flee the Nova music festival, where Hamas commandos swarmed during the opening hours of their October 7 attacks on Israel. Over 200 people were murdered. Schem tried to flee but was shot in the arm. Terrorists then fired on her car and set it on fire. She had to surrender.

She recounted her harrowing period as a hostage of Hamas, where she was worried about being raped, murdered, and everything in between for the next 54 days. She was spared being sexually assaulted. Upon reflection, she realized that what might have saved her from being raped by these Hamas animals was that her captor’s wife and children were outside the room. When Schem wasn’t overcome with fear of sexual abuse or murder, she was starved and verbally abused by the terrorist’s family (via NY Post

“The 21-year-old French tattoo artist abducted and wounded by Hamas terrorists said she’s convinced there’s only one reason she wasn’t raped by her captor during 54 hellish days in captivity. 
“His wife was outside the room with the children,” freed hostage Mia Schem said during a newly released interview on Israeli TV. “That was the only reason he didn’t rape me.” 
Schem, who has dual Israeli and French citizenship, said her tormentor kept her in a dark room under constant watch for most of her time in Gaza. 
She said she was starved and taunted by the terrorist’s family while wondering if she’d be killed at any moment.”

Schem added that the terrorist’s wife was as cold-hearted as the men, adding that this individual hated it when her husband was in the same room as her. The reports of Israeli women being systematically raped by Hamas terrorists are innumerable; pro-Palestinian activists have denied such atrocities occurred. It’s the new holocaust denialism. Many were sexually assaulted and then burned alive in the many kibbutzim that dot the areas near the Gaza border.

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