Iowa School Shooter Identified, Allegedly Part of the Transgender Movement

school shooting occurred in Iowa on Thursday morning. According to reports, the shooter opened fire before 8:00 AM, injuring at least three people before taking his own life. The incident happened at Perry High School in Dallas County, with police quickly securing the scene. 

Now, the shooter has been allegedly identified as Dylan Butler, and his background is going to bust some narratives. 

The suspected Iowa school shooter, who injured three people including the principal, before turning the gun on himself, has been identified as a school senior. 
Dylan Butler, who is a senior at Perry High School, was named as the suspected gunman by local news outlet WHO 13. Police have not confirmed the identification. 
One of the three people injured was the school’s principal, Dan Marburger, who was rushed to hospital and is currently in surgery for his gunshot wounds. 
The other two people injured were students, according to reports.  
Hours before the shooting took place at 7.37am, Butler posted a TikTok posing in what appeared to be the school bathroom, with the caption: ‘Now we wait.’ 
The senior pulled an odd face, as a blue duffle bag sits on the ground of the stall.  

That revelation didn’t come from police, who have yet to officially identify the shooter, but news organizations (including The Daily Mail) have ascertained his identity from what appears to be a TikTok he posted just before the shooting. In it, you can see Butler making a face while standing next to a blue duffel bag, presumably containing the weapons he used. 

Who is Butler? His social media has largely been scrubbed already, but some were able to capture screenshots and videos of his online presence before that happened. Specifically, he had a “pride” flag in his TikTok bio, shared the transgender flag in his posts, and had allegedly participated in a transgender Reddit group under the name “dylanpickles1996.”

Whether any of this speaks to the motive behind the shooting is unknown. Certainly, though, he does not fit the typical left-wing caricature of a mass-shooter, and because of that, you can expect this story to recede into the background very quickly. 

This is a developing story.

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