Democrat Pollster Greenberg: Dem Base Gives Trump Higher Approval Ratings than Biden

Democratic pollster and political strategist Stan Greenberg said Friday on CNN’s “OutFront” that the Democratic Party’s base voters gave former President Donald Trump higher approval ratings than President Joe Biden.

Guest host John King said, “This is grim. Those are the words of the veteran Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg who teams up with James Carville at the Democracy Corps, found young voters, black voters, hispanic voters, LGBTQ voters, all of them collectively gave Donald Trump a higher approval rating than President Biden.”

Greenberg said, “Yes. I reiterated it was grim because there is a path, the grim is in that the base is a problem. We’re behind in this race in the base. Approval of the president is lower than that of Trump in the base. Probably the hardest part about that is that if the issues at play, it’s not just we’re not doing well now and inevitably the structure of the race will come back.”

He added, “I think we’re dealing with issues of prices, wages not keeping up with inflation. We’re dealing with crime. We’re dealing with the border. We’re dealing with issues that eroding our people on the issues. We can, I believe, get them back. iI think there’s a path in this poll. there’s a structure that’s actually pretty democratic if you look beyond the president’s numbers.”

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