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Biden Goes Off Rails Again in Bizarre, Rambling Rant About Guns and Some Old Guy From Delaware

Joe Biden spoke at the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas on Friday. 

I’m not sure why the handlers are letting him out for such speeches now, since he has so much trouble with them. but it did not go well. As we reported, he shared things like the repeatedly debunked Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri story, and he had brilliant things like this to say. 

“Over a billion three hundred million trillion three hundred million dollars!” Biden shouted. I’m not sure what number that was supposed to be, but I await with rapt curiosity what the White House transcript for the event has to say on the subject. Let’s see if they’re honest about that episode. 

But if that wasn’t bad enough — and it was — it got worse. Whenever Biden talks about guns, you know it’s going to be bad, and you’d be right. He never seems to know what he’s talking about on the subject, and that was the case on Friday. You could see his brain break mid-sentence as he went off the rails and had no idea what he was saying. 

“Why in God’s name do people not have to lock up their firearms, why is that not a requirement?” Biden ranted, shouting angrily.

“All these mass murders, not this weekend, but have been because people have picked up, kids have grabbed stuff off of counters….we need to ban assault weapons.”

What the heck is he even saying there? I’m not sure even he knows. That’s the guy with the nuclear codes – a frightening thought. Who could vote for this guy, when he’s barely coherent half the time? But even though he doesn’t seem to know what he’s saying, he knows he wants to ban guns and step on your rights. 

Biden wants to demonize guns. But Americans have always had guns. It isn’t the guns, it’s the people using them. What’s terribly ironic is he wants us to spend billions of dollars to send guns and weapons to Ukraine to defend themselves, but he seems to want to take guns away from the American people. 

However, it’s the failure to hold criminals to account, not prosecuting criminals, and defunding the police that has led to the explosion in crimes, including gun crime. But Biden doesn’t want to admit that because that would confirm how wrong Democratic policy has been for the country in so many blue states. 

Biden also lost whatever thought he had here, again in mid-sentence. 

That statement–that he didn’t make more than $400,000–was like many things Biden says: just not true. As the post notes, he made $11.1 million in 2017.

Then there was this rambling effort to pander to the carpenters in the room, where he claimed the first union to support him were carpenters and had something to do with some old crotchety guy named “McCullough.” He doesn’t explain who he was, apart from some old guy. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Chances this person is real? Probably not high. This sounds like an Angelo Negri pandering story. 

“McCullough looked at me and said, ‘I’m gonna endorse you, Biden, because you understand what we’re doing But damn boy, I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing.'”

Um, McCullough? 

It wasn’t the right thing. 

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