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House Democrats Stick a Fork in ‘Bidenomics’ – The Question Is: Why Did They Wait So Long?

Yep, “Bidenomics.” Hustler Joe Biden has continued to tout the ridiculous term like a slick snake oil salesman long after the vast majority of the country has rejected it outright. Still, Lyin’ Biden has continued to push. “C’mon! Don’t believe your lying eyes, America! Bidenomics is the best thing since sliced bread!” 

Except it isn’t. It never was.

Now, someone else isn’t buying it. And that “someone” is the House Democrat Caucus.

House Democrats have finally rejected the White House’s months-long smoke-and-mirrors campaign to sell the silly term. And why wouldn’t they? Better question: Why’d they wait so long?

Here’s the thing. The Democrat Party is recklessly barreling headlong toward the 2024 presidential election that, while they are loathe to say so out loud, they know their addled, 81-year-old, mumbling, often-incoherent standard-bearer can’t win. Worse, they have no viable “Plan B” in place. 

The Democrat Party Is All About Messaging

While messaging is critical in politics on both sides of the aisle, it’s the first rule in the Democrat playbook. As is the case with “symbolism over substance,” buzzwords and catchphrases have always reigned supreme in the minds of Democrats. 

A senior Democrat leadership aide recently told Axios that in a meeting last summer to discuss economic messaging strategy, House Democrats made the call to go with “People Over Politics” rather than continue to push “Bidenomics,” which was already on life support. See what I mean? Words.

Just one problem.

A majority of House Democrats have no intention of abandoning most of the policies behind “Bidenomics” —they’re just not going to use the label anymore. Yet, just last Wednesday in Colorado, Biden not only used the term; he boasted about how “Bidenomics is mobilizing investments in clean energy manufacturing and creating good-paying jobs in communities around the country.”

Clueless? Lying? Or both?

Rep. Steven Horsford (D-Nev.) said in September: 

We have to do a better job framing this not so much for one person — for the office of the presidency — but for the people.

Translation: “While we have every intention of continuing to run on economic success (failure), we need to stop appeasing the old man with his favorite word and slap new lipstick on our failed pig.” 

Here’s more:

The term “Bidenomics” does not appear in any of the DCCC’s public press releases nor on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, according to analysis provided by a House Republican strategist and reviewed by Axios.
The term is nowhere to be found in any of the House Majority PAC’s public releases and posts except for a single press release on July 31.
House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) has avoided “Bidenomics” on his social media and press releases, except sharing one article on Facebook with the term featured in the headline. His team said he has invoked “Bidenomics” during press conferences.
Aguilar is quoted in one House Democratic press release using the term: “Call it Bidenomics, call it People Over Politics—just call it effective.”

So here’s the thing. As was the case with the Trump White House, Team Biden has largely been dismissive of critics within the Democrat Party. That will not change. 

Joe & Co. are up to their eyeballs, not only in their embrace of “Bidenomics” but also with their failed policies that they continue to call successes — beginning with the disastrous effects of Biden-caused inflation on everyday Americans. If anything, Biden will dig his heels in even deeper. The question is, into what? The answer is the crap he’s intentionally created.

The Bottom Line

The unintended message from the Democrat Party is that they’re perfectly fine with the policies under “Bidenomics” — most Democrats plan to run on those policies in 2024. The only problem in their eyes is what new “catchy” buzzword they should use.

In other words, the Democrat song remains the same.

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  1. Anything you ad the name biden to is a complete failure, bidenomics, president biden, Obidens withdrawal from Afghanistan. Everything biden has done has been a failure except for being the cause of high inflation, southern border crisis, and destruction of the American dream.

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