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Hilarious: Sheila Jackson Lee Makes Major Mistake, Urges People to Vote on Wrong Day

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is in a tight battle as she runs for Mayor of Houston. No candidate won a majority in the first round of voting in November, so now there will be a runoff election. 

I’m not sure why anyone would vote for her after her problematic time in Congress, and she may not have an easy battle on her hands. But she might have just made it a little harder on herself with a hilarious mistake on her part. 

As many noted, there’s a small problem there. Election Day is December 9, so she’s misleading anyone who may want to vote with the commercial.  

How did this get past the staff? They had to view it before it went out. Didn’t she approve it? What an indicator of her ability to get things right. 

The race originally had 16 candidates, but Jackson Lee is now up against State Senator John Whitmire, who has the lead, according to polling, so maybe she doesn’t want to suppress anyone who might vote for her?  

Let’s also recall that someone got tossed in prison for meming about the wrong date. Even Elon Musk jumped into the argument on that case, noting it had no material impact on the election, unlike the Hunter Biden laptop suppression. So many are recalling that case here. The cases have different fact patterns, and Jackson has the magical “D” behind her name, so we won’t be talking about that here. Lee’s people would undoubtedly plead stupidity as to any potential misleading. Suppressing your own vote is a pretty dumb move. 

But as Michael Berry noted, this is a perfect metaphor for Sheila Jackson Lee’s whole life/political career: wrong. Why would anyone in Houston want to buy into that career of being wrong about virtually everything? I can’t think of anything that she’s done that would stand as a reason to vote for her by the people of Houston. 

This is the lady who most recently had a scandal for excoriating a staff member with foul language and then gave a lame defense for it. She was named the meanest Democrat in the House in 2014. She even demanded to be treated like a queen, “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.” 

Given how she treats her staff, one has to worry for the staffer or staffers behind this huge mistake. 

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