WATCH: CNN Hilariously Bashes Javier Milei, the ‘Far Right,’ and Even Milton Friedman

Economist Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina on Sunday.

That thrilled a lot of people in Argentina who have suffered for so long under socialism. They have been facing crushing inflation and all kinds of economic woes. They’re hoping that Milei will now be able to clean up some of the mess. As we’ve noted, Milei is an exciting fellow who wants to take a chainsaw to cut the government for the benefit of the people, and he’s had some great moments slamming socialism. As my colleague Streiff observes, he faces a prodigious challenge, given the mess that the socialists have created. 

The media’s take has so far been ridiculous, trying to attack him by calling him “far-right” and comparing him to former President Donald Trump, like that’s a bad thing. But I have to say that the take from CNN’s Abby Phillip was truly funny. She tried to attack Milei by attacking everyone on the “far-right,” even laughably lumping economist Milton Friedman in there.   

Phillip tries to paint the libertarian Milei as “far-right” and details how Milei “shares Donald Trump’s anger.” Oh, my gosh, he wants to drain the swamp and deal with “decades-long inflation,” acting “within the law.” The horrors! Don’t tease me with a good time! The swamp needs more draining, both here and in Argentina. Imagine trying to bash bashing the elites since the left does that so often. But it’s good when they do it. It’s bad when you want to do it to help people hold onto their own money and have control of their lives. 

Donald Trump and Milei aren’t “far-right” except in the media’s mind. I suppose, given the socialists in Argentina, sanity is “far right.” Anyone who disagrees with socialism is “far-right.” CNN seems fearful of anything that might challenge the narrative of those in power or give people more of their money and agency back. Even their panelist, S.E. Cupp, wasn’t buying this proposition that Milei was “far right,” describing him more as a “Ron Paul” type. Then she went over the edge and said that this rise of populism is all due to someone not “tamping” Trump down when they should have, so now everyone else thinks they can get away with it. Get away with what? Reforming the government and making it serve the people better? Again, I say, the horrors!

The other panel then compared all those “populists” to the Nazis because they were “populists” as well. Alrighty, now. Men are evil because Hitler was a man. How dare the people be disturbed when their leaders fail to properly serve them? 

Then Phillip gets down to the real reason they’re concerned about Miley’s win — that “you can easily see such things coming into play in 2024.” Indeed, and that’s a good thing if it does because that mood will vote the Democrats right out of power. That’s what they’re truly afraid of here. That’s why everyone who isn’t a Democrat is “angry” and “far-right.” 

People found the CNN take very funny, particularly when it came to lumping in Milton Friedman. 

But former FCC chair Ajit Pai had a great response about who and what they are now trying to smear by calling them “far-right” — the man who advocated for all the benefits of the free market. That’s what they’re slamming now. Check out the YouTube video. 

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