Bill Burr Reacts to His Wife Flipping off Trump at UFC 295, and Free Speech Still Rules the Day

Chalk one up for the fact that we still live in a pretty amazing country, even though we have some absolutely rotten devious buffoons leading us at all different levels of government.

I start this article with that because sometimes it’s hard to keep that thought at the forefront of my mind because of all the nonsense thrown at us every day. I think it’s pretty safe to say that with every Republican president since Nixon, the left and their water carriers in the press have turned up the dial on hatred against each of those administrations. 

They have really outdone themselves, though, with former President Donald Trump. He has had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at him, and naturally, some in the public have joined in. 

That is actually a good thing.

Why, you may ask?

The simple answer is the same can be done to the current buffoon in the White House, hapless Joe Biden, or any person with who you disagree in an elected office, and THAT is critical to the health of our republic.

We should never be afraid to offer an opinion other than on Facebook, and we should do it in person as often as we can.

In case you missed what started me off on this, the 45th President of the United States was at UFC 295 in New York hanging out with Bob Ritchie, AKA Kid Rock, and Tucker Carlson a couple of weeks back, and this happened.

Comedian Bill Burr somehow ended up in the middle of a controversy after his wife, actress Nia Renee Hill, was caught on camera giving former president Donald Trump a two-finger salute at UFC 295.
The incident unfolded after Trump made his way to sit cageside for the event at Madison Square Garden while flanked by UFC CEO Dana White, Kid Rock, and conservative media personality Tucker Carlson. As Trump greeted the crowd, Hill simultaneously had her middle fingers up in the air and directed at the Republican frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election.

Here is the (non) offending gesture:

In response to the controversy, Burr had this to say: 

During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Burr reacted to the barrage of attention his wife received after the clip of her flipping off Trump went viral.
“I love my wife. You know where you stand with her,” Burr said. “The guy walked in the arena, everybody cheered, she gave him the finger, nobody got arrested. That’s why this country’s great. Everybody expressed themselves. Can we all be adults?”

Burr goes on to point out that a number of Trump supporters like to throw around the term snowflake yet are possible snowflakes themselves because somebody gave Donald the dual bird salute before the event. Burr does have a bit of a point there because, at least on Twitter, there were a lot of Trump supporters that were beside themselves that anybody would flip off their favorite president. 

I’m sure most of these supporters of Donald Trump absolutely love it when 45 himself does his bit during campaign appearances and tears into people like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or any number of other people that the former president dislikes.

So this is fair game, in my opinion. 

You can’t be a controversial figure and expect everybody to treat you with kid gloves when you’re out and about. Expecting anything else is what those who have been promoting political correctness and woke-ism for the past 20 to 25 years in this country have tried to do, and I think that has been demonstratively a failure.

This is a subject that I’m incredibly passionate about because it affects what I can say on my LIVE Facebook Show and with my writings here at RedState along with my colleagues. 

Individuals with a conservative or possibly more of a libertarian view can get throttled and have their views censored so that a truly free and honest discussion does not happen. The fact checkers just don’t live on Facebook or Instagram; they’re in the search engines that you use on other platforms that you enjoy. With a flip of the switch, they can prevent people from writing on large platforms or those with large followings from having their thoughts seen in the name of some sort of caring censorship. 

That is nonsense, of course.

I have written a number of articles about the role of comedy and specific comics — of breaking down the walls of protection and even, in some cases, good taste to make sure that the First Amendment is honored in the way that the founders intended.

Here is one of my recent favorites, where a #wokefad of pretending men are women was blown up on one of my favorite sites.

Thank God for the Babylon Bee Recognizing Bud Light Destroyer as MAN of the Year

It is time once again to honor one man who has gone above and beyond to advance the cause of men and raise the bar for what other men seek to accomplish.
The Babylon Bee has chosen Dylan Mulvaney to receive the 2023 Man of the Year award.
Already a proven force to be reckoned with on the Chinese spy app TikTok, Mulvaney has gone on to make his mark as a celebrity spokesman powerful enough to utterly destroy the reputations of big-name consumer brands. None of them were more notable than Bud Light, the one-time top-selling beer, which hired Mulvaney as its pitchman last spring only to suffer the most precipitous financial freefall in the history of the beer industry. Once thought to be an invincible brand in the beverage world, Bud Light was brought to its knees by the man — the legend — that is Dylan Mulvaney.



If you truly want to knock down this nonsense idea that somebody’s feelings are more important than your right to free speech, or your right to carry a weapon to protect yourself, or even your right to offend somebody, then you are truly on the wrong side of history.

Donald Trump being flipped off by a comic’s wife is not offensive to me at all, and I wish Trump would have seen what she did. I probably would have found his response hilarious, and the internet would have melted.

The First Amendment and the protections that it was meant to provide are truly a beautiful thing, and I’m glad that after a brief hibernation, people from all walks of life are embracing that once again. 

There’s no need to be violent about it, and those people who go that route should be dealt with by law enforcement. Yet the right to peacefully protest your government and both current and former government officials is one of the things that has always made this country a step above all others.

Let’s keep it that way.

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