ABC News Reporter Mocked Incessantly for Description of Pro-Hamas Rioters

Pro-Hamas rioters tried to breach the White House fence on Saturday, sparring with the Secret Service and smearing red paint on the columns to signify blood. According to reports, only one person was arrested despite the chaos and vandalism that took place. 

Here’s a look at what transpired. 

Would anyone consider that a peaceful protest? Because I’m pretty certain that trying to tear down the fence to presumably invade the White House isn’t a peaceful act. What if they had succeeded? 

No worries, though. ABC News correspondent Mary Bruce wants you to know that all this was just a “passionate protest.” 

Remember back during 2020’s “summer of love” riots when a CNN reporter stood in front of a flaming building while the chyron beneath him read “fiery but mostly peaceful protest?” This isn’t quite as bad as that, but it’s in the same universe. It’s a hilarious downplaying of what actually occurred for obviously political reasons, and it once again demonstrates how much of a joke the mainstream press is. 

Has there ever been a right-wing protest that the press has described as “passionate” or “peaceful?” You could have five grandmas holding signs on a sidewalk, and the press would suggest it was nefarious. When left-wingers go crazy, though, they always get the kid-glove treatment. 

That wasn’t lost on those responding to Bruce. 

What happened in front of the White House on Saturday was a riot. It was not a protest. It was not passionate. These are people who openly support terrorism and genocide (chants of “from the river to the sea” were, of course, present). The only thing that stopped things from getting completely out of control was the strength of the fence they were trying to tear down. 

It is pathetic how the press continues to coddle pro-Hamas protesters in ways they would never treat anyone they saw as ideological enemies. But that’s the key. They see these protests as justified, and they are willing to provide indirect support in whatever way they can. I’d love to see Bruce actually attend one of these “marches” and get back to us on her experience. 

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  1. The main stream media no longer reports the true facts. They report their opinions which are mostly so biased that it is not news but pure BS. The media in itself should be considered a hate group, they hate conservatives, whites, Christians, Jews and Asians.They also hate conservative blacks and Latinos. It is the fault of the media for bringing about violence and hatred because of the way they report their opinions which is not news. When you report false statements like the so called reporter in this article it incites more rioting and hatred. It was stated by a reputable news reporter several years ago that the news media is the biggest threat to this nation. It is proven everyday that he was correct.

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