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Of Course, Obama Had to Say That About the Israel-Hamas War

Former President Barack Obama was a guest on the Pod Save America podcast, which features former top staffers in his administration. A featured clip has been posted, and the full interview will be released on Tuesday. He’s a former president. I get that he’s allowed to weigh in on these issues, but it also reminds us why the Israelis distrusted him so much. 

Why can’t Democrats denounce what Hamas did on October 7, where over 1,000 terrorists invaded southern Israel and raped, murdered, and tortured 1,400 Israelis. Whole families were wiped out. Babies were beheaded and burned. Over 200 more were taken hostage. There is no ‘but’ or ‘two sides’ nonsense here. Hamas is an evil terrorist organization that should be wiped off the face of the Earth. The IDF is trying to make that happen right now. 

Obama spoke about how we’re partially complicit in this new war. No, we’re not—and the Gaza Strip is not occupied. All Israelis withdrew, some forcibly, under the 2005 disengagement plan. Hamas won the 2006 elections there, and then the terrorists took over the strip by force a year later. They’ve controlled the region for 17 years. There can be no two-state solution until Hamas is gone. Even then, I don’t think that’s a viable path right now. 

Also, yes, there are some Palestinians who know who is to blame for the suffering in Gaza, and it’s not Israel. But civilians were willing participants during the kidnappings, cheering with Hamas terrorists. It’s all on video. So, let’s take it easy with the innocent bystanders nonsense:

What Obama said isn’t a shock, especially since he wrote about this last month in an appalling post. Is the debate nuanced? Yes, to the nth degree, but the archetypal Democratic Party voter can’t discuss these issues because it’s not about facts, history, or defending an idea. It’s about promoting the ‘oppressed-oppressor’ narrative. There’s also a lot of screaming with these people, making productive discussion impossible. Also, it’s now become a call for the wholesale killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

Barry, your party base is siding with the terrorists. 

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