UPDATE: Shocking New Evidence Shows Massive Hamas and Media Disinformation Campaign on ‘Bombed’ Hospital

As the sun rose over Gaza, fresh evidence of exactly what happened at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital has emerged, and it exposes perhaps the worst war-time disinformation campaign in modern history. Before we get there, though, it’s important to understand the timeline. 

The hospital was first reported to have been struck by the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, at 7:20 PM (all times will be local) on Tuesday evening. Almost immediately, claims of carnage, leveled buildings, and at least 500 dead from an “Israeli bombing” began to inundate the world press, including American outlets like The New York Times, ABC News, CNN, and the Associated Press. 

Yet, it was also immediately clear that things weren’t adding up. In my initial write-up, I noted several bits of information that would lead one to believe it was actually a rocket fired from Gaza that misfired and fell short. Shortly after publishing that piece, video evidence emerged, and it wasn’t from the Israelis. 

Rather, it was a live broadcast that occurred on Al Jazeera, and it included a timestamp on the chryon (i.e. no one can claim it was doctored). What the pro-Hamas network inadvertently showed was that at 6:59 PM, a rocket was fired from Gaza, exploded mid-air, and then fell down onto the hospital grounds. 

By early Wednesday morning, more proof had emerged, including an intercepted conversation between jihadists admitting that a rocket had misfired near the hospital and caused the damage. 

All of that would have been conclusive enough, but now that there is daylight in the area, what we are seeing at the hospital is shocking. 

As you can see, the hospital itself was not even hit or damaged (aside from some broken windows). Rather, the rocket fell short into the parking lot, burning some cars. There is no impact crater consistent with a high-explosive bomb from the IAF. Instead, essentially all of the damage appears to have been from a fire caused by the unspent rocket fuel. 

Further, the idea that 500 people were killed appears to be completely false. At most, it may have been a few dozen people, and that’s assuming the parking even had a large number of people in it. As I pointed out in my initial reporting, it would have been impossible for Hamas to recover and count 500 bodies from a supposedly still-burning hospital within the span of an hour. That never made sense.

This was a targeted disinformation campaign that ran its way around the globe, parroted by the largest news outlets, causing violence in multiple countries. That violence is still ongoing, with Western embassies and consulates under attack in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, among others. 

It was all based on a lie told by a terrorist organization. This wasn’t a small fudging of the situation either. Hamas completely made up a story about a hospital being leveled by an IAF bombing. The press reported it uncritically for hours, with some claiming people were being “pulled from the rubble.” They then made up a story about 500 people being dead. The press also repeated those numbers with zero verification. 

Where is the accountability? Who is going to lose their job over this? Will there be apologies issued from these news organizations that claim the utmost credibility? Don’t hold your breath, but let this be another lesson that you should never blindly believe the mainstream press, especially when there are tell-tale signs that things aren’t adding up. 


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  1. Joe Biden should not be allowed to go anywhere in the World, based on his performance over the last year alone.
    The Secretary of State should go, in Bidens place, and report back to Biden so that our diplomatic efforts can be seen for more than an old fools bumbling, stumbling, ranting, and off subject comments and actions. I can only hope that the Democratic Party understands that Biden is not capable of a second term, nor has he earned it with credibility, honesty, or actions. We need a new leader from either party who is honest, trustworthy, and respected by everyone.

  2. It was an American made bomb that is purposley detonated in the air! No crater!
    I hate to admit it, but Now the evidence is clearer that Israel was probably responsible for this catastrophe!
    I also believe that Mossad knew about the Hamas attack beforehand but let it come so the political parties will Unite to destroy Hamas!
    A lot of Propaganda and Lies!

  3. Never blindly believe what PBS tells you. A female broadcaster on this channel tore into the misinformation of Israel attacking the hospital with unchecked gusto. This broadcaster ripped into this story the likes as yet to be seen. People like this should have their citizenship revoked for not verifying the information.

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