Community Notes Comes for Adam Schiff for His Incredibly Wrong Comment About Congress and Speaker’s Race

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is truly one of the most odious people to occupy a seat in Congress. He has no scruples. He will say or do anything he can to achieve his political goals, as we’ve seen over and over again, as we saw when he spread falsehoods about Russia collusion. 

Schiff was at it again on Tuesday, trying to whip up anger and fear over the Speaker’s race against Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). Jordan didn’t prevail on the first vote on Tuesday with 20 Republicans voting for other people,  but another vote is expected on Wednesday and that may change. 

“Today, Republicans may make Jim Jordan the Speaker,” Schiff ranted. 

“Jordan would preside over the counting of electoral votes in the next election.  After he was deeply involved in trying to overturn the last one. Just when you think they can’t be more irresponsible, they prove you wrong.”

Now Schiff is just spreading horse manure about Jim Jordan regarding the 2020 election. Jordan didn’t do anything wrong. If Jordan was “deeply involved in trying to overturn the last one,” then so were the Democrats in every presidential election that they lost for the past twenty years when they objected during the electoral count.  

But where Schiff went even more wrong was not even understanding how the Constitution or Congress works in terms of the counting of the electoral votes.  The electoral votes are counted by the President of the Senate, the sitting Vice President, according to the Constitution. 

Community Notes was not shy about letting Schiff have it over this grievous error. 

The vice president, not the speaker, presides over counting of electoral college votes; and whomever is chosen as speaker in Oct. 2023 will only be speaker during the 1/6/25 electoral count if House Rs retain majority in Nov. 2024

Either Schiff is incredibly stupid and/or he’s telling falsehoods again to upset people. Given his history of falsehoods, most were banking on that last part. 

Kamala Harris is also not going to like this, since he’s cutting her out of any responsibility for counting the electoral votes in the 2024 elections. 

It also may indicate he’s fearful of losing and he’s already trying to sow election denier kind of doubts by slinging this nonsense. 

But what’s even funnier here is that Schiff wants the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat. But if you show you don’t even know how the Senate, the Constitution, or presidential elections work after all this time in office or you’re telling falsehoods for a political agenda, why should anyone elect you? 

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