WATCH: Jamaal Bowman Says He Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Upset About Him Pulling That Fire Alarm

We’ve written a lot about Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NYpulling the fire alarm as Democrats were trying to delay a vote to avert a government shutdown.

But apparently, no one has told Bowman that the best legal position is to just stop talking. Or he thinks that because he has the magical “D” after his name he will suffer no consequences for his actions (and he may be right).

“You know, I don’t know why this has gotten so much attention. I was literally in a rush to go vote. Man, that’s all it was.”

When asked if he feared any repercussions, legal or otherwise, Bowman again downplayed his actions, saying:

“Listen, I take responsibility for what I did. But like I said, I was in a rush to go vote. And the investigation will sort everything else out.” 

Reporters asked him if he’d spoken with the Democratic leader, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) about the issue. He said he had, but wouldn’t share the nature of the conversation. That must have been a fascinating conversation, as they likely brainstormed ways to spin this debacle.

If he doesn’t get why people are upset over him potentially committing a criminal act, then he truly does have a lot of issues.

Yeah, everyone rushing to work or going to vote pulls the fire alarm. That makes sense. No, Rep. Bowman, pulling the fire alarm doesn’t open the door. Does he even listen to himself? If he did, he’d realize that makes him sound even sillier than if he admitted it to delay the vote. However, at this point he’s trying to throw out a story that will help avoid criminal charges or expulsion.

But House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) upbraided Bowman for his ridiculous defense, noting that he’s a school principal, and “he knows what a fire alarm is.”

McCarthy mentioned Bowman yelling at other members. We reported about the time Bowman went unhinged on Rep. Thomas Massie, as Massie just reminded everyone in the wake of this fire alarm incident. Bowman’s “behavior has been unbecoming,” McCarthy said, a term that they are likely to use in efforts to censure or expel him.

McCarthy asked why Bowman lawyered up right away if it was truly a mistake, rather than just saying it was a mistake?

I would note, if it were a mistake, why did Bowman immediately flee the scene? Why did he allegedly remove the emergency exit signs from the door?

The Fox hosts asked McCarthy’s opinion of Bowman’s excuse.

“If you know this individual… everybody knows.” 

Oof, that’s a good burn.

Now we’ll have to see where the Capitol Police come down on this and if there’s any real action.



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  1. This Bowman action is the beginning of our nation’s end. This infantile behavior, with such disregard of historical standards make one wonder HOW he was a school principal. AOC trying to run interference for him is mind numbing. Obviously lying about the fire alarm to be used for opening the door is weak dribble that a first grader could be more convincing. This Bowman is pressing more flame to a boiling pot; where cooler heads and sound logic need to prevail.

    How can a young person go into the Armed Services, potentially exposing their life, begin to even consider defending a professional piece of shit like Bowman. The is Congress now? This is so bad it would take a full year to encapsulate this nonsense into a book; that no one should actually ever want to read. I served in USMC ground forces 1968 Vietnam; Bowman is so lucky to be born too late to have joined me.

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