Swalwell Defends Bowman Over Pulling Fire Alarm, Massie Finishes Him Off When ‘Fang Fang’ Comes Up

It was certainly a unique weekend. Not just with the question of whether there would be a government shutdown, but also because of Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm in the middle of it, as Democrats were trying to delay a vote. Bowman couldn’t deny he had done it, since he was caught on camera and the Capitol Police released a picture from their video showing that he did it.

However, Bowman and his staff did try to spin why he did it, admitting it, but claiming confusion before the vote. He issued a formal statement trying to explain himself. But it didn’t go over well and even CNN’s Jake Tapper wasn’t buying it, despite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s efforts to defend Bowman.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) pointed out how Bowman’s statement about the doors and trying to get to the vote didn’t make a lot of sense as an excuse for pulling the fire alarm. He also posted a clip of a prior unhinged episode Bowman had with him in the hallways of the Capitol over guns.

Then Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) decided to jump in and try to defend Bowman by attacking Massie. It was a bad move.

Now, let’s see. You had a guy pull the fire alarm in a Congressional building when Democrats were trying to delay a vote. He then comes up with what has to be the most ridiculous excuse ever. Pro tip? No one thinks pulling a fire alarm opens a door. The same guy also lost it in a hallway on a fellow member of Congress. Versus a picture of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners who haven’t broken the law or done anything unhinged. Yet Swalwell seems to find the very fact that they are holding guns to be not “stable.”

That’s not exactly adhering to his oath to uphold the Second Amendment to the Constitution. But then that’s the problem with many Democrats and Swalwell’s remark points this out — it’s the gun itself that they seem to regard as evil. That’s the bigger problem with this interchange and the message Swalwell and the Democrats are communicating here. That’s why they keep trying to impair those rights.

But then Massie brought the house down and finished Swalwell off with his response when he brought up Fang Fang.

Maybe having a relationship with someone who turned about to be a suspected spy is not exactly a “stable” thing? Maybe it makes people doubt your judgment and whether you should be in government. And picking a fight with Massie is not a great idea, because he’s not going to hold back.

Add that to Swalwell’s problem with not understanding his oath, and it didn’t exactly end well for him.

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