More Fun With Philip Bump as He Tries to Explain Away That Chinese Wire With Joe Biden’s Address

It seems like the Washington Post’s Philip Bump is trying for the crown of “most frequently wrong pundit.”

Now, that’s a tough crown to earn, since there are so many liberal contenders. Bump not have reached Jennifer Rubin or Paul Krugman heights yet, but he’s certainly putting in a lot of qualifying efforts recently.

Who can forget this golden moment earlier this month when he said he had no idea why Hunter Biden said he gave half his salary to his father and he had no interest, as an alleged journalist, in following up on the question?

Then Bump followed that up with a post on X claiming that “14 Presidents” had signed an anti-Trump letter. As many pointed out, that would be rather difficult since there aren’t 14 former/present American presidents alive. It turned out he was talking about presidential foundations and that they had signed a letter about democracy that didn’t even specifically reference former President Donald Trump. That’s a real measure of Bump’s reality and honesty. It was just crazy and he later deleted it. But it seems like he’ll say anything to defend Joe Biden or attack Trump.

Bump’s latest effort is getting a lot of attention and mockery, as once again he appears in the role of Biden defender to deal with the Chinese wire for more than $250,000 that had Joe Biden’s address listed as the beneficiary address.

He posted this as part of his X posts attacking the evidence and the impeachment inquiry against Biden.

Now that’s so funny and a lot of people had a good time with it because he appears to try to explain away the wire, by talking about how wires work. But it doesn’t explain away Joe Biden’s address being listed as the beneficiary address.

What makes it even funnier is he blocked replies because he knew he was going to be lit up for such silliness. If he’s truly confident in what he’s saying, why block the replies? But that didn’t prevent the mocking or the Community Note that came next. There was also a Community Note chastising him, saying Joe’s main home was listed as the beneficiary address, although the Note appears to have gone away since I saw it.

But even if it hadn’t listed Joe’s address, Bump seems to have no curiosity or concern about why such a large sum of money is going to the Biden’s from a Chinese company, just as he had no curiosity or concern about Hunter saying he gave part of his salary to his father or had to pay for everything. Some “journalist.” He doesn’t have any concerns about any possible connection to the Chinese government. He doesn’t wonder how this contradicts what Joe Biden said about Hunter never receiving any Chinese money. This is where the Washington Post has fallen to, now.

Let the mockery begin.

Bump is so predictable, rushing to the defense of Biden, Stephen Miller pretty much nailed that he was going to say essentially what he said.

But once again, this just shows that the Washington Post has no shame that this guy is still there.



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