RCMP Officer Killed, Two Wounded in Gun-Controlled Canada

Canada has a lot of guns per capita, though I suspect that number is dwindling. After all, the nation has been on a gun control tear over the last few years; pretty much ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself in hot water over a racially-insensitive cosplay years earlier.

Funny how the media lets politicians off the hook for such things so long as they’re going to focus on gun control.

Regardless, lots of gun control on the books and we’ve been told that gun control works.

Granted, I’ve cited a lot of examples of it failing, but mostly those are just criminals arrested with guns despite the laws. This failure of gun control from Canada, though, comes with an unfortunate body count.

An RCMP officer was killed, two more were wounded and a suspect was shot in Coquitlam on Friday as officers executed a search warrant in a private home.

Ridge Meadows RCMP were searching a home near the intersection of Pinetree Way and Glen Drive in the Metro Vancouver city before 10 a.m., when an “altercation” began between police and a civilian, according to B.C. RCMP.

In the course of that altercation, RCMP said multiple officers were injured and the suspect was shot.

Const. Rick O’Brien, 51, was killed.

“This is an extremely difficult and tragic day for our members at Ridge Meadows detachment, Coquitlam RCMP where this incident occurred, and the greater RCMP and RCMP family,” said B.C. RCMP Deputy Comm. Dwayne McDonald.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is investigating the police injuries, while the watchdog Independent Investigations Office of B.C. investigates the civilian casualty, described as serious but non-life-threatening.

One injured Mountie remains in the hospital and the second has returned home. Both are expected to make full recoveries.

Now is a terrible tragedy, especially for O’Brien’s family.

Yet this was in Canada, where they’ve enacted tons of gun control, including a number of measures that simply cannot be considered here in the US due to the Second Amendment.

Many, however, feel that we should follow Canada on gun control issues. They figure the Canadians have the right idea. Granted, Canada is just one nation we’ve been told to model ourselves after, but it’s still one we’ve been directed to multiple times.

And yet, three innocent police officers were shot, one fatally, by a criminal in such a gun-control paradise.

It’s funny how that shakes out.

And these were police officers, people who would be armed while trying to apprehend a criminal. If they can be shot then what hope would the ordinary citizen have if they’re forcibly disarmed by their government, as they are in Canada these days?

Gun control is not and never has been the answer for dealing with crime. There are so many better ways to address those problems, ways that keep things like this from happening in the first place.

However, I think we all know what will happen in the long run. The US is likely to be blamed for this in some way, shape, or form. It’ll be our fault because people broke our laws and smuggled the gun into Canada or it’ll be our fault for some other reason.

Either way, Canada won’t learn the lesson. People like Trudeau never do.


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  1. But, but, but, Canada has very strict gun laws. It is against the law to have one. Did this guy not know guns are illegal in Canada? This story is not true, surely. If guns are illegal who could possibly have one… Hmmmm??? Oh, wait a minute, maybe it was a damn crook? Hey, that’s gotta be it, had to have been a crook. I know, let’s make another law Canadian’s, let’s make a law saying you really, really mean guns are illegal, I’m sure that’ll do it…

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