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Did Fauci Really Just Say That About Masks Again?

With Joe Biden’s mental and physical condition deteriorating, along with his dismal approval ratings and failing economic message, there are more than a few grumblings about replacing him on the ticket. Sure, it’s far-fetched, maybe pie-in-the-sky, but it wouldn’t shock me if Gavin Newsom moves in to replace the aging president, who won’t be able to do the job once we’re in the thick of the 2024 cycle. The man needs four vacation days for everyone he does some work.

The speed of a three-toed sloth is faster than Biden processing information essential to governance. And notice how the Covid stories are starting to pop up again. There’s some new variant that no one cares about because most of us have moved on with our lives. This virus is endemic. It will come and go with the seasons; we’re done. Scientists can step off the watchtower vis-à-vis the Covid watch and stop analyzing people’s crap (literally), which is how news of this new variant broke.

It’s not getting much traction with the audience because most of us over this story have other things to worry about. When the economy is tanking and inflation is cannibalizing your paycheck, there are more pressing matters to the American people than this little virus. And to make people mute their televisions, you have Dr. Fauci coming out of retirement to spread panic fear and rehash other science fiction talking points, like this one about masks.

CNN host Michael Smerconish quoted a New York Times piece where a study showed how masks don’t work. Fauci merely replied that there are other studies:

And this point about masks being ineffective isn’t new. Fauci admitted this protocol doesn’t work in his emails. Those behind a mass Danish study hoped to discover that masks would cut the spread of infection in half. Instead, “the difference was not statistically significant.”

Mask mandates aren’t coming back; neither are lockdowns. This pygmy we know as Fauci can crawl under the rock from whence he came.

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