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Bill Gates Funds Plan to Chop Down, Bury Millions of Trees

If there’s a terrible dystopian idea out there, it seems Microsoft founder Bill Gates is always sure to fund it. The latest insanity in which he’s investing is a project to chop down and then bury millions of acres’ worth of trees. Supposedly, this will help save the Earth from climate change.

MIT Technology Review reported that Kodama Systems had raised around $6.6 million, a hefty sum, from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, billionaire Bill Gates’s climate fund. Trees will be cut down in California and buried in Nevada for this “stealth effort,” which Kodama characterizes as “biomass burial.” The Epoch Times posted a video clip on August 30 explaining Kodama’s plan to cut down and bury trees on millions of acres and how Gates is involved if you want a less credulous account than what MIT Technology Review provided. Yale researchers and payment company Stripe are also reportedly involved in funding or supporting the plan.

The first irony about this plan is that climate alarmists have spent many years hysterically insisting that no brush thinning or logging can occur, to the point where forests turned into tinderboxes just waiting for massive wildfires to happen. Yet now suddenly trees are “fire hazards,” and logging isn’t bad for the environment. It’s the only thing that can save us?

But the second point is that none of this wood will be used for anything. We know the globe isn’t warming but rather cooling and that the fearmongering about emissions and climate change has been just empty words founded on unscientific ideology for more than 50 years.

We don’t need to freak out about carbon emissions. The people at the top like Gates know that; they remember how many years they’ve been proved wrong in their predictions. They also keep flying private jets and buying beachfront mansions (like Gates’s San Diego palatial estate), showing how little they believe their own propaganda. So what is the real motivation here?

MIT Technology Review presents the theory that burying trees that have absorbed carbon dioxide will keep the carbon safely underground instead of damaging the climate. What MIT did not explain is that all living things, including humans, are carbon-based life forms (we need carbon to survive). But MIT did admit there are “many unknowns” about this idea of chopping down and burying trees, meaning that we really don’t know what the end results will be. Very reassuring, yes?

The claim for people who support this plan is that once they get rid of excess trees, the remaining trees can be more healthy. First of all, I don’t trust anything these people say, since climate alarmists have been proven blatant liars again and again. Are they “thinning out” forests or devastating them?

Second, trees turn carbon into oxygen, which of course is necessary for humans to breathe. We know that Bill Gates has advocated for a massive reduction of the global population before. How do we know this new plan isn’t intended to harm humans? It certainly won’t help humans, since the wood is all going to be buried and the trees will no longer be able to convert carbon into oxygen.

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  1. Plants – which includes trees – are part of the cycle of life. Most 3rd-graders know, or used to be taught, that plants are constantly turning CO2 to oxygen, and then oxygen into CO2, and that makes the world live. I’ve read that the State of Maine has already been stripped of millions of trees in the name of “green energy” which will do nothing by create a second desert for Maine. Burying perfectly good trees is as “scientific” as “capturing'” cow flatulence. Gates and others need to be reminded that “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” and their idiotic tinkering will cause more harm to the planet.

  2. Seems to me that it wasn’t that long ago where it was touted to protect our trees, and what about the “Rain Forest” – it also seems that maybe too many people got into the “wacky weed” because there is no more common sense.

  3. The first question that popped into my head was how much carbon is it going to take to cut down millions of trees? Vehicles to and from the job. chain saws, branch trimming — and then did I read the trees would be cut down in California and MOVED to be buried in Nevada??? loading emissions, trucking emissions, unloading, digging and covering then landscaping — Why don’t we just get cheese from the moon and distribute it to all the poor and homeless instead?

  4. How can anyone smart enough to create Microsoft among other things be that stupid. Did they fail science class in elementary school. Maybe being a billionaire destroys brain cells along with common sense. We know gates wants to depopulate the world as long as they are lower and middle class people not elitists like him.

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