Why Is There What Looks Like a ‘Beaten-Down’ Head of Trump in the White House Briefing Room?

The White House briefing room has been the site of a lot of bad and bizarre things. Most of that stuff has come from the mouth of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre or other members of the Biden communications team or the liberal media reporters spouting the spoon-fed narrative.

We saw on Thursday how Jean-Pierre was left stammering and disturbed when asked about Biden’s biographer saying Biden admitted to being frequently “tired.” Jean-Pierre also had blown off the question of why the doctor was with Biden the day before, claiming that she wasn’t aware of the situation. If it wasn’t a scheduled visit, that raises even more questions.

But the spin and the falsehoods aren’t the only things that appear wrong in the briefing room.

Greg Price, who is the Communications Director for the State Freedom Caucus Network, posted something he had received from a source showing the back of the White House briefing room where the cameras are. In a cubby above the cameras, there is what looks like the bashed-in head of former President Donald Trump.

“They got rid of all the cute figurines and all that’s left is this,” the video reads.

Remember when they came into office, and the Democrats claimed the “adults were back in charge”? If this is what it looks like, it’s a pretty sick thing to have in the briefing room. Paging the Secret Service, maybe you should be looking into this now that you’ve thrown over the cocaine case. When you see things like that, it serves as a reminder of the Kathy Griffin bloody Trump head episode; that just adds to the sense that they are targeting Trump. It’s why people like Tucker Carlson are concerned that the powers that be seem to be doing all they can to keep Trump out of the White House. He’s even worried that assassination might be on someone’s mind because nothing they have thrown against Trump has worked so far.

Why would you have a totem that looks like it’s glorifying violence against Trump? What is their explanation for why they would have such a thing? Did the media know about it? If they did, they were probably cool with it, which might explain why this wasn’t exposed before. Kudos to the “source” who finally put this out there.

Now that this has been exposed, Fox’s Peter Doocy has to ask about this. And if they try to duck the question as they usually do, he should hold their feet to the fire until he gets a real explanation and this thing is removed.


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