Mitch McConnell’s Time Has Come, but He’s Not the Only One

By now, a lot of folks have watched the viral clip of Mitch McConnell freezing up for the second time in as many months. And it’s just incredibly sad to see McConnell, who is advanced in age, in this state. He’s been in power for a very long time, and I wish that McConnell would step down from leadership now, appoint one of his lieutenants, and ride off into the sunset when his term is up.

If he’s worried about the power structure he’s set up, he can leave behind the right people in his place. His Establishment can live on. He doesn’t have to fear any of his real power going away. He doesn’t have to fear that what he’s built is going to go away. But the responsible thing to do is step down from leadership and go ahead and make the decision to not run for reelection. We can clearly see there’s a problem. 

Nikki Haley has been big on promoting the idea of a new generation, and she’s called the Senate the “most privileged nursing home in the country” in reference to McConnell’s “sad” freeze-up. She’s not wrong.

McConnell, whether you like him or not, has been instrumental in some serious reforms in the country, particularly when it comes to the judicial branch. The fact that Roe v. Wade was overturned is due in large part to his handling of judicial nominations. He should be thanked for that and for some other things. But, he has also been instrumental in stopping conservative policies from even making it to the floor in the Senate. He has always been more interested in power and influence than real reform.

Conservatives are right to call on him to step down.

The media has given an extraordinary amount of coverage to the McConnell situation. We’re seeing a lot of stories about it, but the media and the Democrats are silent on the multiple episodes of Joe Biden “glitching,” falling, and just generally showing he’s no longer fit, either. 

It’s pretty easy to see why, I think. Mitch McConnell is a Republican. Dianne Feinstein is a Democrat who is having similar problems, and the Democrats and media are both suggesting it’s time for her to go, too. But Feinstein is expendable. There are replacements for her in the Senate, but for the Democrats and for the media, both of whom don’t want the Republicans to gain any sort of advantage, Biden is not expendable.

McConnell, Feinstein, Biden… all are victims of elder abuse. They are being trotted out by staff and their families benefit from their continued existence in power. But they don’t need to be out there any longer. Haley is right – it’s time for a new generation.

But the Democrats have to be fair on this. It’s clear that Biden is unfit. Inasmuch as he might be part of a larger family crime syndicate, he is also too feeble-minded now. The media runs interference and tries to make him seem smarter and more capable than he is, but the proof is in virtually every public appearance. Biden is not the man he was during the Obama administration – not that he was some capable policy genius then, either – and age has caught up with him.

Republicans and conservatives are being intellectually honest in calling for both men too old to serve. I think the Democrats are being fair when they say Feinstein’s time has come, but are being dishonest when they defend Biden.

Look, I’m a millennial. Frankly, I don’t trust my generation to be in power at times, but I also recognize that we need new blood in Washington D.C., and even in several of our state governments. It’s time.

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