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Roger Stone Floats Michelle Obama as the Democrat Presidential Contender

Turning Point USA’s ACTCON took place over the weekend (July 15-16) in Palm Beach, Florida. RedState has presented some coverage of the keynote speakers, like former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, as well as some of our elected representatives here. This is a new event for TPUSA, a group that appears to be working hard to replace CPAC in the minds of conservatives as the go-to for conventions on political action.

They may well be succeeding, as thousands networked, mixed, and mingled among conservative and Alt-Right leaders and figures. Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was among them. Then-President Trump pardoned him after he was convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction. Since his release from prison, Stone has been plotting against Team DeSantis, talking out the side of his neck, and finding ways to stick it to his former Trump administration colleague Steve Bannon, who threw him under the bus in his testimony at Stone’s trial.

Ever the provocateur, Stone got the crowd riled when he teased this bit of information.

As a veteran of many years in American politics, I’m going to tell you something somewhat shocking. Joe Biden will not be the nominee of the Democrat Party in 2024. Kamala Harris will briefly become president but the only way in their party they can replace a woman of color is with another woman of color. And yes you’ve heard it here first, the Democratic nominee for president will be Michelle Obama.

Lots of boos from the audience. While Democrats and the Left love them some Michelle Obama, the Right, and especially the Alt-Right, does not share the same delight at the mention of her name. Michelle Obama is about as popular as Hunter Biden in those circles.

Of course, Stone is bloviating and flossing, because the faithful at these types of conventions did not hear it from him first. They heard it way back in 2022 at CPAC, where this ridiculous theory was also floated. Former Trump treasury secretary Monica Crowley was on a panel at CPAC 2022 and said, pretty much the same thing.

Monica Crowley, a former treasury spokeswoman, was speaking on Saturday at CPAC, the conservative conference in Orlando, Florida, at which Donald Trump strongly suggested he will run again in two years’ time.

“If [Democrats] were to run Michelle Obama,” Crowley said, during a panel session, “that would put us in a very difficult position because they’d reach for a candidate who is completely plausible, very popular, and immune to criticism.

“Also, when you think about her positioning, she [was a Democratic convention] keynote speaker in 2020, she wrote her autobiography [Becoming, a bestseller] and did a 50-city tour, she has massive Netflix and Spotify deals, and she’s got a voting rights group alongside [the Georgia politician and campaigner] Stacey Abrams.”

And it is for those very reasons that Michelle Obama will not run. The Obamas live a comfortable life of influence from a very high perch on Martha’s Vineyard. Michelle was NEVER keen on campaigning and pretending she liked the rabble. She is much more comfortable amongst her champagne Leftist fellow travelers. Obama has also stated in several interviews that she hated D.C. While she loves the attention and influence, she loves money more, and as long as she can milk this elder stateswoman/Black royalty persona, she’ll do it; and she can do it forever.

The Bidens are craven, but not very bright. They know no other way than government positions and influence to keep their grift going. Barack and Michelle have perfected their grift outside of the government edifices and are doing well at it. They’re not going to upset that apple cart.

My colleague Ward Clark made this salient point:

Michelle Obama has never faced serious opposition for anything in her adult life. Not in her patronage job as “Vice President for Community and External Affairs” (whatever that is) at the University of Chicago Hospitals, to her tenure as First Lady, to… whatever it is she does now. Even if the Democrats ran a no-opposition coronation for her through their primary process, at some point she would have to stand up and debate someone like Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, and she is in no way prepared or capable of taking that on.

Exactly. When has Michelle Obama ever been challenged or called out on her viewpoints to her face and been forced to defend them? Never, and it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Stone was also incorrect in his assessment that the only one that can “replace a woman of color is another woman of color.” The 2020 election allowed Democrats to check off the woman and Black boxes on the intersectionality punchcard. We have Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson for Pete’s sake. That idea is now passe. So, who’s next in line? The first TRANSGENDER Vice President or President. Paging Admiral Rachel Levine, or equally as good (a Drag Queen like RuPaul, perhaps?). That would kill at least two intersectional birds with one stone. RuPaul is also more attractive and likable than Levine by a long shot.

They have already rigged their primaries. The reason they have cancelled the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries is to put South Carolina, a state where the majority of the Democrat primary voters are African Americans, and they will allow Gavin Newsom to purchase the vice presidential nomination but the Obamas will hold him up for six or eight million dollars to do so.

This prediction is also way off base. The Obamas and the Newsom/Getty/Pelosi complex cannot stand each other. Barack Obama and former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti were as thick as thieves during the Obama administration, so if that possibility were floated, it would make sense. But there is no love lost between the White Privilege represented by Newsom and Black Entitlement represented by the Obamas.

Newsom will make a run for president, but not in any type of partnership with the Obamas. That’s just not going to happen.

Why does the Alt-Right insist on floating Michelle Obama as president? What is the attraction? I think part of it is that VP Kamala Harris is absolutely no challenge. She’s a disaster and a political lightweight as Vice President. Her own party wants her gone, and her entire political career has been built on quid pro quo of one form or another. Harris will be easily bought off to step aside for whomever the Democrats might choose to replace Dementia Joe. Like the Obamas, Harris is allergic to actual work and governance. She enjoys being a symbol without investing any real sweat equity to earn that status.

But Stone was confident in his years of experience and political acumen. Of course, he didn’t miss the opportunity to take a shot at his nemesis.

Remember when Steve Bannon says it in three weeks, remember you heard it here first.

Probably the two most controversial of former president Trump’s allies are still playing kid’s games. Stone, like his commentary, lacks any gravitas. Like Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama, he’s comfortably riding the coattails of symbolism while doing nothing to earn it.

Take all this with a grain of salt.



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