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Slate’s Resident Mean Girl Disses on Casey DeSantis’ Looks, Gets Mocked in Return

We live in an age with a remarkable number of high-profile people, from actors to celebrities to politicians, who lack any sense of self-awareness. Twitter has opened the door to silliness—and people like the women on “The View”—to cast insults. It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without them insulting someone, or insulting a woman’s looks. The irony is rich. The wife of GOP presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Casey DeSantis, has been the frequent target of nasty Mean Girl hit pieces. For the left, Casey’s biggest crime is that she loves her husband and supports him. The left can’t have that.

We know almost all of the media is in the tank for all of the things the left embraces but sometimes, it’s just obnoxious mudslinging, and Mean Girl nonsense. The latest incident was a hit piece by a Slate staff writer named Heather Schwedel. She wrote, in part:

Judging by how she’s dressed at several high-profile events in her husband’s political career, first lady of Florida Casey DeSantis’ desperation to win Jackie Kennedy comparisons is almost palpable. It’s only kind of worked—she did earn the nickname “Tacky Onassis” in some circles and has recently been dubbed “Walmart Melania”—but the intent is plain: She wants to be thought of as classy, prim, and put-together. So she would probably be absolutely appalled to find out that there’s currently a sizable amount of people online who are horrified by her eyebrows.

Schwedel wrote several hundred words, spending her time inventing insults and mocking Casey DeSantis’ eyebrows. Schwedel dropped every lazy euphemism and Mean Girl schoolyard insult that she could invent or find on Twitter, to make fun of a woman’s looks. The banner art shows a close-up photo of Casey DeSantis. Slate went out of its way to find (or doctor) a photo with upper lip hair. The story’s headline:

Florida Woman’s Eyebrows Spark National Debate

As the plot thickens, so do her brows.

Heather repeated every lazy joke, dig, and insult she knew like, “We don’t see eye to eye,” ending with “[Casey should leave] politics altogether to play Emily in Paris’ sister. But their potential for darkness is strong too. We should keep an eye on them—I’ll watch the right one if you watch the left.”


I had to look up “Emily in Paris” to try to make sense of that insult. I still don’t understand it. The use of “darkness” is one final dig at how dark Casey’s eyebrows are—and one more “eye” joke.

Like almost anyone who sees an insult online, I looked at the byline and went to find the insulter, Heather Schwedel. One would assume that if one engages in absurd mockery, insulting a woman’s looks, the Mean Girl dropping the insults should have the looks to back her mockery. Or not.

The left generally, and the media in particular, seem to lack any self-awareness when they insult conservatives over their looks. In 2022, The Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens mocked Ron DeSantis for being “overweight.” I had a response.

Warning: tweet contains coarse language

Heather Schwedel pitched her Mean Girl column and got the go-ahead from her editor. I picture it going something like this:

“Yeah, Heather fire away! Mocking a conservative woman over her looks is what we do. I’m sure our readers will find it, and you, hilarious. ‘Mean Girl’ until you can’t!”

Heather likely emailed her boss and said: “ Thanks! ‘Eye’ will… wink, wink”

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