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Elon Trolls Charlie Sheen and Exposes How Desperate Liberals Are to Be ‘Special’ Over Us

We’ve been covering the sorrowful tale of woe of the poor liberals who formerly had blue checks, but are bemoaning their fate, now that Twitter head Elon Musk has removed the legacy blue checks. The people who have blue checks now are people who paid for Twitter Blue subscriptions for $8 a month or are affiliated with Twitter, like Musk himself.

But that didn’t stop liberals from losing it and pretending to cover up their “lack of check” nakedness. Keith Olbermann used a blue arrow. Alyssa Milano used a blue diamond. In a moment of complete nuttiness, Milano also asked if the removal of the check would mean that Musk could be liable for “defamation or identity theft or fraud.”

But the tantrums are continuing. Here’s Charlie Sheen, taking a jab at Musk over his Space X starship blowing up, but then begging for his check back.


i’m sorry your fancy rocketexploded in spectacular fashion. I’m certain you’ll build an even bigger and more explody one.

now,may i please have myblue check back?it would mean a lot to me.

thank you in advance,

sincerely – c sheen

Reminder: this is a guy who reportedly spent hundreds of thousands on hookers. But he can’t pony up the $8 to Twitter to keep his blue check? He’s upset that he’s no longer “special.” This is entitlement. This tweet is essentially a “look at me, virtue signaling against that big, bad Elon.” Then he can have leftists respond and mollify him, and tell him how courageous he is.

Musk gave him an answer, seemingly mocking him and Bill Clinton — but not giving him the check back.

In response to Alyssa Milano’s tantrum, Musk joked that they were going to start a “Save a Celebrity” fund to help pay their $8. He contributed for three people: William Shatner, LeBron James, and author Stephen King.

Then Musk had great fun with a video that perfectly mocked the angst of the poor liberals. I previously wrote about the Babylon Bee video, which went right to the heart of the issue.

But this new one from another creator captures some of the best tantrums including Bette Midler and Democratic operative Robert Reich. Reich, who spent his entire career hanging out with rich Democrats, said this problem was all about the “oligarchs.” Midler just screamed her head off and called Musk names, which is pretty funny. Most of the people melting down have something in common in addition to their sad liberalism — they’re completely self-involved.

Contribute to help provide a blue check and “safety” from Elon. Why bothering to contribute to supporting helpless animals, when you could contribute to saving a worthless celebrity? Such contributions would probably help reduce their sad carbon emissions, which would be good for the planet.

Musk loved it.

But he’s right. We should be mocking these folks back to the Stone Age for their nonsense. They’re so desperate to be “special” over the rest of us. How dare someone treat them like everyone else.

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