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Joe Biden, Keeper of Classified Documents Unsecured, Tells the Military to Keep Secrets Secret

Just about every time Joe Biden is seen in public he says or does something stupid and addled. This isn’t new, but it’s become more frequent and disturbing.

Especially when you realize this man still has 642 days left on his current White House lease and keeps saying he intends to seek an additional 1,461 days in a second term.

Now, anyone who’s ever witnessed an elderly relative drift down the tragic trail of mental infirmity and incapacitation can feel a sadness for Joe Biden.

He’s never been a mental giant, but he is human and, regardless of our anger over or support for his endless damaging policies, we want to feel some sympathy for the man.

Not so much for the family and staff who for their own suspect reasons of power and ambition are putting him (and us) through this cringeworthy spectacle of human decay as alleged leader of the free world.

But then the awful realization dawns that while every one of us inevitably ages at different times and rates in differing ways, only one of us has access to the nuclear launch codes that could end millennia of civilization.

Only one of us has the constitutional power, if no longer the credibility and moral authority, to send our loved ones to fight and perhaps die in a distant war.

Joe Biden shows no awareness of the gravity of this responsibility or of the mounting fears of so many countrymen over his inability to read coherently words written by others to patch the fa?ade that he’s in charge – of himself, let alone the federal government.

Last year, he was asked how he could run for reelection with so many economic problems and abysmal job approvals. “Watch me!” he said. So, we are, and it’s scary.

Teleprompter texts often contain parenthetical directions meant for the speaker to see, not utter. Directions or reminders like (Pause for Applause) or (Tell a family story). Oblivious to context, Biden reads them out loud too.

He even inexplicably shared a painfully private note wife Jill left on his bathroom mirror. “Stop trying to make me love you.”

Then, the president gets lost exiting the stage.

Biden is not the only fading senior clogging up the arcane workings of our nation’s capital. At 89, an allegedly foggy Dianne Feinstein has relinquished a Senate committee seat by popular party demand. Mitch McConnell, who is 81, just returned to the Senate after a hospital stay from a fall at home.

New Democrat Sen. John Fetterman has been away for 60 days of depression treatment just months after a debilitating stroke. He’s only 53 but acts 17, returning to work at the nation’s Capitol this week raising both arms like a champion while wearing gym shorts and a hoodie.

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But Joe Biden’s obvious declining mental condition is of the most concern. The incidents are legion now here, here, and here. And they’re on display for the world to see, both friend and foe.

A nadir occurred during his vacation in Ireland last week. He finally issued a statement on the strange appearance of internationally-damaging Top Secret Pentagon documents online that went unnoticed for a month. And the media’s unusual handling of this news.

The papers were allegedly put there by a low-level National Guardsman trying to impress gaming friends.

When it first happened, Biden was dismissive of their import:

I’m not concerned about the leak because — I’m concerned that it happened, but there’s nothing contemporaneous that I’m aware of that is of great consequence.

By the next day, however, the ‘they’ that Biden claims tell him what to do, had gotten to him, and the commander in chief released a statement of heightened concern addressing the consequences:

While we are still determining the validity of those documents, I have directed our military and intelligence community to take steps to further secure and limit distribution of sensitive information, and our national security team is closely coordinating with our partners and allies.

A printed statement like this is also politically defensive. It denies media, should they ever feel conscientious, an opportunity for detailed follow-up questions, which this president, who couldn’t even understand an Irish child’s question, would be unable to process and answer adequately.

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Some of these follow-up questions, I suggest, could go something like this:

Mr. President, last fall your lawyers and the FBI discovered numerous troves of classified documents that you possessed illegally for years in unsecured places such as an abandoned office you once used, in assorted drawers in your Delaware home that your son was renting, and in the garage with your Corvette there.

The Justice Department is investigating with intent to prosecute your predecessor Donald Trump for similar document offenses.

Does it cross your mind that you might not be qualified to lecture military and intelligence professionals like this on the need to keep secret government documents secret?

And have you or any aides instructed the Attorney General to ignore your apparent violations?

Of course, this would never happen with current media in today’s incestuous D.C. where imposing consequences for wrongdoing is an alien concept. Joe Biden would attempt to dodge any responsibility by expressing puzzlement over how any of this happened. End of discussion.

This is the same man who still claims that his lethally botched Afghan troop withdrawal was an “extraordinary success” and anything adverse that happened was Trump’s fault.

When reporters asked Biden last month about official Suspicious Activity Reports issued by the Justice Department over transfers of large sums of money from China to members of the Biden family, the president simply said it didn’t happen. He walked away.

And that’s the end of it so far. Lying gets you through a spot.

This has become a troublesome characteristic of his presidency. Biden lies consistently. He acts confused. He speaks strangely, even outrageously. He’s spent 40 percent of his term on vacation in seclusion in Delaware where no records of his visitors, activities, or treatments are kept.

He took his family on the Ireland jaunt on taxpayer money, returned Saturday, was to resume White House work Monday, but canceled that return to take another day away for unexplained reasons.

RedState and other sites chronicle these developments one by one as they occur.

And nothing happens.

No one else raises alarms or suspicions about the dangers of all this for the nation. And we just drift along to the next evidence of incompetence.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden took this oath office:

I (state your name) do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The question now has become, what can we do if “the best of my ability” isn’t good enough?

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