GOP Rep. Good: ‘Swamp Cartel’ Leader McCarthy Speaker Bid Will Be Blocked

Representative Bob Good (R-VA) said Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that “swamp cartel” leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will not be Speaker of the House.

Good said, “I won’t be voting for Kevin McCarthy tomorrow. He is part of the problem. He is not part of the solution.”

He continued, “There is nothing that indicates to me that he is going to change his pattern since he has been in leadership, where he is part of the swamp cartel. He is the reason on the Republican side why we passed massive omnibus spending bills that just got rammed down our throats by Republicans in the Senate. He was part of that in leadership. Since he has been in leadership for the past eight years, there is nothing about Kevin McCarthy that indicates he will bring the change that’s needed to Washington or that’s needed to the Congress, or he will bring the fight against Biden, Schumer’s agenda and represent the interest of the voters who sent us to Washington to bring us real change.”

He added, “What we will do is we will block Kevin.”

Good concluded, “We will put forth a true challenge candidate on the second ballot.”

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