HOT TAKES: The Left Melts Down Over Trump Twitter Reinstatement

As we previously reported, Elon Musk ran a poll about whether to reinstate President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. It garnered more than 15 million votes and more voted to reinstate him than not. So Musk reactivated Trump’s account immediately.

Now, I think Musk had intended on reinstating him anyway, as he had previously indicated, but running the poll confirmed that it was the will of the people. Additionally, it also gave them a lot more engagement on the site.

But you know that the folks on the left are losing their minds over this already. Some have left, but others don’t have the courage of their convictions and are still there, melting down on the site.

Rasmussen Reports had a good take on what it’s looking like right now.

You know it’s a virtual goldmine of delicious liberal tears right now from all the usual suspects. Suddenly they all hate “democracy” and voting if it helps to bring back Trump.

Warning for the graphic language:

Suddenly it’s cool to question votes again and scream “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

This is one of my favorites from actor Josh Gad. He’s not at all happy with free speech or Musk.

I have to confess I like this one too from Mia Farrow.

Everyone is going to die now!!

Of course, Luke probably couldn’t explain how this is going to cost lives or how he cost lives before when he was on Twitter, but hey, he’s a leftist, it doesn’t have to be logical.

Benjamin Wittes isn’t willing to go all the way. These people.

That’s just perfect.

Trump has already said that he’s busy with Truth Social, so it remains to be seen whether he would be back. But it’s the right decision as he should never have been banned, to begin with.

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