Let The Women Speak rally in Austin, TX (Credit: Jeff Charles)

Antifa Agitators Try – and Fail – to Disrupt ‘Let the Women Speak’ Rally

A group of women gathered at the front gates of the Texas capitol building in Austin to participate in the “Let the Women Speak Rally” to protest the growing effort to push biological men into women’s spaces. The event, which was organized by women’s rights advocate Kellie-Jay Keen, featured several different speakers, including Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy, who came under fire in Canada for speaking out against progressive transgender ideology.

Keen addressed the crowd first, explaining why she holds these events all across the United States and the United Kingdom:

“So we as women, we call it Let Women Speak, because women chose those words for ourselves. It’s not because I think we should ask. It’s not a beg. It’s a let women speak. Because when we’re in Nottingham, in the UK, a group of trans activists tried to shut us down. So the women organically just came up. We let women speak. And we have held onto it because if nothing else, what we do here at Standing for Women and with Let Women Speak, is we literally are guided by women that come to our events. This is not a hierarchy, this is not a community, even. This is just a place in which we say to any woman, whatever your views, you have a place to talk. And it’s really absolutely vital.”

Meghan Murphy spoke to the crowd and onlookers, thanking them “for being courageous enough to show up to support women’s rights.”

She referenced an incident that occurred in Tacoma, Washington, in which trans activists violently attacked some of the women demonstrating. One of these individuals broke the fingers of one of the participants in the rally.

“It’s very scary to speak about these things, especially in public, especially with all the violence that we’ve witnessed. We saw women attacked … in Portland and Tacoma,” Murphy said.

She continued:

“And of course, this has been going on since the moment we started saying things like, men are never women. I mean, the things that I want to say about this are so simple and straightforward that I almost feel stupid saying them. But there’s no such thing as a trans person. That’s not a thing that exists. There’s no such thing as a trans child. There’s no such thing as a person who’s changed sex.”

It did not take long for the pro-transing kids rabble rousers to show up to disrupt the event. Four men showed up with an Antifa flag and began shouting slogans such as “trans liberation,” and “transphobes go home!”

The crowd responded, chanting “let women speak!”

Many of the women in attendance pilloried the Antifa activists, calling them “misogynistic” for trying to prevent them from speaking.

But try as they might, they could not stop the event. Women still took the microphone and gave the speeches they had prepared for the demonstration.

After the event, Keen told RedState that she and others in her movement “do get a lot of hate with the positive messages getting stronger and stronger.”

When asked how the situation in the U.K. differs from that in America, she indicated it was much worse in the latter. “We don’t have Big Pharma,” she said, noting that in the U.S., “you have loads of different spreads of money going through this whole thing and people not being accountable, politicians just lying.”

She is right. The effort to trans children has become big business in the United States, which is one of the primary factors fueling this movement. But folks like Keen and others aren’t backing down. As more of the malfeasance occurring in schools and medical facilities gets exposed, there is an increase in people from all political stripes standing up to say “no.” Hopefully, the momentum continues in the right direction.

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