PA Senate Debate Was Over From Fetterman’s First Response, but Oz Just Trounced Him With Reality

It’s hard to say just how bad the Fetterman-Oz debate was for John Fetterman. They should never have agreed to it, because he was just awful on every point. It was clear that he had no understanding half the time of what was going on-and most of his answers didn’t make any sense.

We knew it was going to be bad right from the start, with Fetterman’s first response in the debate, Fetterman wished everyone a “good night,” as though the debate was already over. This was the beginning — and, effectively, the end of the debate.

That was probably his best response of the night — it got worse from there. But what should be noted as well: While Fetterman was awful, Mehmet Oz was pretty amazing; he had good, well-thought-out responses to every question. I wasn’t sure what kind of a debater he would be. But he’s a smart guy, and he showed that with very focused and clear responses. The few times that Fetterman made any kind of discernible attack on him, he was able to turn it around and knock Fetterman out.

Fetterman tried to talk about Dr. Oz’s multiple houses. Oz turned that around by saying that Fetterman was supported by his parents and got a house from his sister for a dollar — a great response. Fetterman’s reply made absolutely no sense — it sounded like he was trying to copy what Oz said.

Fetterman lied about his record as the Braddock mayor, saying he brought down crime during his time there, while it got worse. Then Oz took him to task for saying that-and called him out for chasing down an innocent black jogger, putting a gun to his chest, and never apologizing. Fetterman’s response was just awful and made no sense.

“Everybody in Braddock, an overwhelmingly majority community of black community all understood what happened …and nobody believes that it was anything about me making a split-second decision to defend our community.” Oz asked him why he didn’t apologize, but Fetterman couldn’t answer that.

It was just a mess, and it was very clear why they only had one debate before the election. But, this is likely to seal the deal for Oz in the election.

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