The Rise of ‘Womanface’ and the Glorification of Mental Illness

Dylan Mulvaney is a TikToker that’s made a name for himself by documenting his newfound girlhood from day to day. A lot of it is him pretending to discover things as a woman, and while it’s ridiculous in every way it’s earned him quite the following. The noise he was making on the platform was enough to get him recognized by Ulta, who had him sit down for an interview to discuss “girlhood” with a man who identifies as “non-binary.”

It didn’t stop there either. Directly afterward, Mulvaney was invited to the White House to speak with Joe Biden, an interview that the White House recorded and proudly released.

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Watch this example of Mulvaney’s content, if you can stomach it. Imagine this is a first-time upload from a random TikTok account with no context behind it.

If you saw this out of the blue, you might think this was actually some funny TikTok parodying ridiculous women. It honestly looks like some Monty Python-inspired bit by an unknown comedian. Sadly, it’s not. Mulvaney is deadly serious. According to him, this is the new womanhood and mainstream society, including our leaders in Washington, agrees with him.

What Mulvaney is doing is something I’ve seen deemed as “womanface” by online denizens. It’s the comparison to the very frowned upon “blackface” that the left will selectively cancel people over depending on where they are on the political spectrum. The only difference between womanface and blackface is that one concerns race and the other concerns gender.

They’re both a mockery of the thing they’re acting as, but as I’ve previously explained, one is a social faux pas, and the other is encouraged to the point of it being a protected identity.

It should be remembered, lest you forget amongst all the cheerleading by the establishment media and the Democrat Party, that transgenderism isn’t harmless. It’s a mental disability called “gender dysphoria and it comes with very high depression and suicide rates.

If a grown adult male feels he wants to go from Chuck to Chuckina, I don’t care. That’s his personal decision. The problem is that Chuckina and his fellow trans cult members are forcing it on everyone else, to the point where it’s gotten to be a powerful force in our society. People, especially the already stressed youth, see it as an answer for life’s chaos and they drift toward it, often doing irreparable damage to themselves and casting themselves away from the people who actually love them.

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They’ve now aimed this canon at our children, and politicians with sense are having to work overtime to stop even doctors and scientists in their respective areas from mutilating kids.

Like a small napkin over a massive pile of garbage, “womanface” advocates like Mulvaney are being used as a pleasant and seemingly harmless front to cover a highly dangerous and quickly spreading mind virus that is killing our society. It has every intention to normalize itself in today’s youth and, sadly, is making a lot of progress.

The good news is that this won’t last forever. More and more, people who did transition after buying the lie are expressing enormous amounts of regret and detransitioning has become far more common than our establishment media likes to admit.

But we shouldn’t wait for this inevitability. This mental illness is being pushed on children far more than you may understand. Kids, especially teenage girls, are being pressured to adopt transgenderism in the same way they’re pressured to adopt modern feminist beliefs. Their insecurities are being preyed upon every day.

Mulvaney represents something incredibly toxic to both society and the individual. He is an attempt to normalize a sickness that could disrupt society’s understanding of basic nature and the natural order and do serious harm to those who buy into the delusion.

Denounce it at every turn. If you see or hear of it appearing in your child’s school, extracurricular activities, television shows, books, or games, then address it directly and quickly. At the risk of sounding dramatic, you’re fighting to protect no less than the future of American society, not just the stability of your child.

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