Stacey Abrams Gives up the Game in Latest Comments on ‘Voter Suppression’ in Georgia

The writing has been on the wall for Stacey Abrams for quite some time.

Despite her best efforts to undermine the state of Georgia and its people over laws she doesn’t like, despite her continued attempts at falsely painting Republican Gov. Brian Kemp as the political mastermind who “stole” the 2018 gubernatorial election from her, most voters in the Peach State are not buying it, as every single poll save one that has been taken since their rematch began indicates.

So it should be no surprise that not only is she desperate enough to turn to Oprah Winfrey for support, but that’s she’s also trotting out the tiresome “voter suppression” card yet again just two weeks ahead of Election Day, even though early voter turnout is already at record numbers (as was turnout during early primary voting).

The Hill reports:

“In 2018, we had record turnout,” Abrams said in a press conference Monday. “We had record turnout that shattered records for Democrats among communities of color and in that same election … we know that 85,000 Georgians were denied their right to vote due to voter suppression tactics that shut down their precincts. We know that 50,000 voters had their right to vote held hostage by the exact match process which was proven to be voter suppression tactics. We know that thousands of people stood in lines for hours because of voter suppression tactics.”


“We proved in ’18 and it remains true that turnout does not dispel voter suppression,” Abrams said Monday. “Suppression is about barriers to access. But the antidote to suppression is overwhelming the polls with your presence and that is exactly what voters did in 2018, it’s what they continued to do in 2020 and ’21 and is what we are seeing in ’22. But it is wrong to suggest that there is a correlation between voter turnout and voter suppression because suppression is about barriers.”

Abrams made similar remarks last week, as we previously reported:

In my opinion, Abrams is giving up the game with these statements. It’s like she knows she’s going to lose, so she’s setting the stage and lowering voter expectations ahead of her anticipated election night loss.

And if she does happen to win, she’ll spin it then as doing so “against the odds” or whatever, so whether she wins or loses at the ballot box, she “wins” with her supporters.

The more she does this, the more it comes off as sheer grifting, considering how much her campaign chair (and close friend) Allegra Lawrence-Hardy has made in legal fees from Abrams’ voting rights organization over the last two years:

As I’ve said before, crying “racism” and “voter suppression” over the years has done Stacey Abrams (and her friends) well at the bank, but not at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, when she threw her state under the bus over the 2021 election reforms bill, she hurt minority communities financially — big time — and then tried to run away from her remarks as the dust began clearing.

The woman has continually been bad news for Georgians, and with any luck, Kemp will defeat her so badly next month at the polls that Abrams will finally find it within herself to gracefully concede for a change.

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