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Crime Wave: Thieves Break into Rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A. Home

Thieves broke into rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s Los Angeles home, where they entered her bedroom and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in merchandise.

Two men wearing hoodies and gloves smashed a glass door at the back of Megan Thee Stallion’s house on Thursday night, which allowed them access into her home, police told TMZ.

The thieves reportedly ran off with an estimated $300,000 to $400,000 in jewelry, cash, and electronics from inside the house. The rapper was not home when they broke in. It remains unclear if anyone else was inside her house at the time of the break-in.

Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter on Friday to say that her “material things can be replaced,” and she’s “glad everyone is safe.”

Police have yet to make any arrests, but there exists home surveillance video footage of the break-in, which authorities are hoping will lead them to the perpetrators. Detectives are also trying to get additional video footage from neighbors.

As for Megan Thee Stallion, she has been in New York for the last few days to prepare for her appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The break-in at Megan Thee Stallion’s home is just the latest example of the crime wave that has been sweeping the Democrat-controlled city of Los Angeles over the past few years. The city has been plagued with homicides, violent crimes, and gun violence all rising.

Recently, actor Arsenio Hall was hit with two separate break-ins and was almost robbed twice while he was at his L.A. home.

In February, the home of fashion mogul, model, and tattoo icon Kat Von D was burglarized. That same month, a man was arrested after targeting White Lotus and Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario’s house with a loaded gun. The gunman went to the actress’ house, where he stood outside and began screaming.

In June, actor Casey Affleck’s girlfriend actress Caylee Cowan was alone in their L.A. home at around 3:00 a.m., when she woke up to find a home intruder staring down at her in bed. That same month, a man was arrested after lurking outside rapper Drake’s new Los Angeles home.

In July, pop singer Lana Del Rey obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against an alleged stalker she claims stole her car.

Late last year, television host and actor Terrence Jenkins narrowly escaped an armed follow-home robbery attempt in which a gunman shot at him.

Murders and violent attacks in the city have even affected celebrities and their acquaintances.

Last week, rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot in L.A. after his girlfriend shared their location on Instagram. Earlier this year, rapper Kodak Black was shot in the leg after outside of an afterparty hosted by singer Justin Bieber in Los Angeles.

Last month, Avengers and Captain America star Frank Grillo slammed the city’s leadership after his boxing trainer, Azuma Bennett, was “shot and killed over nothing.” The actor called on “the powers that be” in Los Angeles to “get off their asses and fix this shit.”

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