Joe Biden Sniffs and Creeps on Another Young Girl, and It’s Not Fine

I regret to inform you that the President of the United States is a creeper. I also regret to inform you that we’ve known that for far longer than anyone should be comfortable with. Joe Biden has been sniffing and inappropriately invading the space of young girls for much of his career, and that continued on Friday during a meet and greet in Irvine, CA.

RedState reported on Biden’s speech at the event, but the video I’m about to share didn’t come out until later that evening. It was filmed by Kalen D’Almedia of TPUSA, and the Secret Service agents present apparently didn’t take too kindly to the exposure of the president’s…habits.

If you watch the video, there are several things to note, and none of them are acceptable for any man to do, much less the President of the United States.

First, before Biden grabs the teenage girl’s shoulder, you can see Biden lean in to sniff her hair. He’s been caught many times doing that over the years and no viable explanation has ever been offered to explain his behavior. You’d think the news industry, which claims to care about stuff like this, would have some curiosity, but I guess not.

Secondly, after the sniff, he grabs her shoulder without her consent. It’s a really odd action that any normal, fully-sentient man would avoid. I would never lean in to grab a young girl (or any girl) I don’t personally know, even during a photo op. That’s not endearing, and it’s not just “ole Joe.” It’s creepy and highly concerning. You can tell by the way she tilts her head away as she turns around that she feels uncomfortable with his touching.

Lastly, as if the physical aspects of Biden’s invasion weren’t bad enough, he then tells her “no serious guys until your 30.” For starters, that’s terrible advice on a moral level. Is the suggestion that she only sees non-serious guys until she’s 30? But I digress, why is Biden concerned about a teenage girl’s romantic life? The girls in the frame seem genuinely surprised at his comment, with one sarcastically responding “I’ll keep that in mind” after asking him to repeat himself.

For context, he’s used some variation of that line multiple times in the past. You may recall a recent outburst where he told a woman in the audience of a speech that “she was 12, I was 30” when they first met.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It is not difficult to not be creepy around young girls. Normal men have no problem respecting boundaries, but physically and verbally. The sniffing, the touching, and the borderline sexual comments are weird at best and extremely telling at worst. I would never let a man, especially a non-family member she doesn’t even know, touch and talk to my daughter in that way. At some point, a father is going to lose his cool with Biden’s behavior, and it’s not going to end well for anyone involved.

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