Fire Department Drops Joe Biden With Some Facts About the Fire at His Home

Joe Biden has exaggerated and lied about so many things in his political career, frankly, it’s hard to keep up with them all.

But one of the things that he has frequently exaggerated about in the past year has been a fire that occurred in his home in 2004.

His story has changed every time he tells it, as is typical with Joe Biden’s stories. When you’re not telling the truth, you can’t keep up with the lie that you told before. So it’s been an ever-evolving story.

When we first covered it in November of last year, Biden claimed his house had burnt down “with my wife in it,” and that a “significant portion” of it burned. He then added that she had gotten out safely, which would be hard if it burnt down with her in it.

Then when he was in Florida to survey Hurricane Ian’s damage, Biden claimed that he “lost an awful lot of” his home.

Then this week at a fire prevention summit he was at, Biden claimed that “from the basement to the attic” on the third floor everything was “ruined.” He also claimed that “we almost lost a couple of firefighters.”

We’ve noted before that wasn’t true, that the damage was confined to the kitchen based on what the fire department said in 2004 and was put out within 20 minutes. Nothing at all about losing two firefighters or an “awful lot of” the home.

But now the fire department that responded to the fire back in 2004 — the Cranston Heights Fire Company — has made a statement on the matter. according to Townhall. They cut down what Biden said, in a polite fashion that wasn’t nasty, but made plain with what they said, that Biden had embellished. They noted that it was a relatively “insignificant” fire, while also noting to any homeowner, any fire is significant.

“For the fire service, this could be considered an insignificant fire as it did not lead to multiple alarms and did not need a widespread incident response throughout the county… however, in the case for any homeowner, it was significant at the time and was quickly responded to by the local firefighters.” [….]

“In this case, the fire was contained in 20 minutes and avoided significant extension into the rest of the home. However, it still caused damage to the home,” the statement continued.

In other words, they’re being nice, but no, it didn’t take out an “awful lot of” the home, it was contained in the kitchen. Notice they’re not saying that anyone almost got “lost” in the fire. Sometimes you say a lot by what you don’t say.

Will this make Joe Biden stop embellishing this tale? No, I don’t think so. It will keep changing and evolving, and not being close to the truth, but he’ll keep telling it.

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