Tell Me You Despise Black Voters Without Telling Me You Despise Black Voters

While I didn’t think it possible, the Democrats have found one more way to degrade and demean Blacks.

What a surprise. Not really.

BLK is a dating app that focuses on “Black love in all its forms and expressions.” In partnership with When We All Vote, a purportedly “nonpartisan” organization created by former First Lady Michelle Obama <insert *eyeroll* emoji>, the app is promoting a video featuring gay rapper Saucy Santana, and Miami female rapper Trina, blithely encouraging young Black men to do their civic duty… or else.

They are as serious as a heart attack. In some of my circles, they may be causing a few.

Hot New Whip Hop gives us the skinny.

Trina and Saucy Santana are doing their part to push a new generation into the voting booths. In collaboration with dating app BLK, Sauce Santana and Trina came through with their new single, “No Voting No Vucking” in time for National Voter Education Week. Santana and Trina’s chemistry thrives on the record while the former’s humorous penmanship sets the tone. “He got mad jokes, he don’t seem broke/ The only red flag, he say he don’t vote,” Santana raps. Meanwhile, Trina manages to inject her sex appeal cleverly as she encourages young voters to vote.

“I’m honored to use my platform to empower young people because not voting is definitely a red flag in a relationship. Period,” said Saucy Santana in a statement. “Now, more than ever, we have to use our voices to stand up for what we believe in. Voting is sexy. Being informed is sexy.”

This is not a new concept. Hacktivists like Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano floated a sex strike after Roe v. Wade was overturned in June and everyone collectively laughed since not having sex outside of marriage and producing unwanted babies is essentially proving the point pro-lifers have been making for years.

But applying this approach to voting reflects a disregard for the pressing concerns of the nation’s people: inflation, rising crime, and illegal immigration, which disproportionately affects minority populations. The lack of respect shows they are also not serious, and I would say deliberately insulting to the intelligence of Black Americans–especially our Black men.

A CNN data reporter unmasked the ugly truth. Blacks are getting more and more disaffected with the Democratic Party. This classless stunt does nothing to help that.

My colleague Jeff Charles wrote:

The fact of the matter is that the Left is losing its hold on Black and Hispanic voters. The Democratic Party has shown that it is unable or unwilling to address the concerns average Black Americans have. Worse, the Left has been actively alienating what has historically been one of its most cherished voting blocs.

Whether it’s on crime or immigration or the economy–top concerns for Black Americans–the Democrats have been falling short, again and again and again. The positions they take–Defund the Police, open the border and welcome in migrants, climate extremism that raises the price of everyday goods–seem to conflict directly with the interests of our community.

This is especially true when it comes to Black men. And when it comes up, those who represent the Democrats take to scolding the people they have left behind. And it only exacerbates the situation. No one wants to be lectured to–especially not by rich pundits and politicians who don’t have our best interests at heart. As Dr. Jason Nichols recently put it, Black men feel they are spoken about by Democrats, rather than spoken to.

Yet, with these numbers and sentiment, some genius thought the outreach of “No Vucking, No Vote” would be effective?

Think. Again. These Black brothers show it for what it is: disrespect, pandering, and a desperate Hail Mary.

What I find most offensive about this video is it reduces what is supposed to be a thoughtful, and once venerable process into an urgency of drive. John Lewis and Fannie Lou Hamer were beaten and jailed so you could go on sex strikes in order to influence the Black man’s vote? Seriously?!

Democrats blow much smoke over how important the process of voting should be; yet, when it comes to the Black community, it gets reduced to sex or food. Do we see any Hispanic-leaning ads with Pit Bull and Audri Nix rapping about, “No Votar No Vucking?” No, we don’t, and we wouldn’t. The few ads that I’ve seen geared toward Hispanics involve couples–usually mid-40s or middle-aged–discussing issues around the kitchen table, young couples concerned about their small children, or college-aged Zoomers fighting for “immigration.”

The DNC just invested $500,000 in bilingual digital and radio ads for September’s Hispanic Heritage month. This gauche BLK video was probably made for mere thousands if that.

Democrats are the abusers, and Black voters are the battered spouse who will keep making excuses, and never leave. For decades Democrats haven’t been proven wrong, so the behavior devolves. The marketing entailed in “No Voting No Vucking” echoes that disregard and disdain; like spittle in the face after a beating.

With less than 33 days to the midterm elections, we’ll be once again watching closely whether this ad is the bridge too far that precipitates a wake-up call. Will Black voters continue to suffer Stockholm Syndrome, or to coin an anti-Democrat campaign, will they finally have the courage to walk away?

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