Biden Whines About How Difficult His Last Two Years Will Be If Democrats Lose In November

President Biden certainly has the looming midterm elections inside of his head. The White House administration must be playing out the scenario that the GOP once again takes control of the House after the elections.
On Monday, Biden acknowledged that there would be “a really difficult two years” if Democrats lose control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

The president was speaking at a Democratic National Committee fundraising event in Boston. He indicated that he would spend a lot more time “in the veto,” and he admitted that he would have real problems getting “anything done” legislatively if Republicans take over.

“We need to control the House and the Senate to win the race up and down the ticket. If we lose the House or lose the Senate, it’s going to be a really difficult two years. I’ll be spending more time in the veto, being able to get anything done,” Biden said according to one report
Despite feeling the weight of what may happen in November, the president still put on a happy face with optimism about the country. He said that he believes young people in the 18 to 30 bracket are “the single most engaged generation.”

“I genuinely am more optimistic about the prospects for America, not because I’m president, because of the nature of where we are as a country,” he said.

President Biden noted that the midterm elections are less than two months away and things are at an urgent point because of issues that are on the line. He referred to privacy, school safety for children, and climate change.

But Biden also threatened that these elections are about “democracy itself.” He warned that if the Democratic Party loses the election, they will lose the chance to codify Roe v Wade, which the Supreme Court overturned in June.

The president made it clear that he supports codifying the right to an abortion and he said that if the GOP takes over, they will work to codify the Supreme Court decision instead of making abortion illegal again.

“And mark my words, you’re gonna see a move on other privacy issues from contraception to marriage, a whole range of things,” he said as he continued to threaten dire consequences to a Democratic loss in November.

Republicans did not take this threat after a difficult two years without a response. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., argued President Biden deserves a “difficult two years.” She said this because she believes Americans have suffered under the Democrat’s “far-left” policies.

Stefanik was a guest on “Fox and Friends on Tuesday discussing how the Democrats’ radical agenda has caused suffering in the nation due to a number of leadership failures and the agonizing inflation.

Stefanik said, “It’s been a difficult two years for the American people because of Joe Biden. House Democrats and Senate Democrats, single party far left rule. I listed all the crises. The number one issue I hear from my constituents is the cost of goods, the inflation, whether it’s the grocery store, whether it’s utility costs. People are suffering.”
She maintained that President Biden in fact deserves a “difficult two years” because of the suffering he inflicted on Americans.
Stefanik said she wants a government that is “accountable.” So she wants Biden held accountable for what’s been done, or not been done at the southern border. He should be held accountable for not being responsive to the needs of the American people.

So if somebody is going to have a “difficult two years,” it should not be us, it should be the administration that has caused such difficulty in America today.

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  1. Lol. You won’t be able to get anything done if the GOP takes over the house? That wouldn’t be anything new because you haven’t done anything in the last 19 months for one thing. For the other, thing, you’ll be impeached. You’re right about 1 thing Biden, your last 2 yrs will be extremely difficult. We’ll deserved with all you’ve put us through with the division and hate you spew on Americans.

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