Tucker Carlson Takes on the Evil in Joe Biden’s Speech

As we noted earlier, Joe Biden gave a grotesque national address that has to be one of the most divisive addresses ever given by an American leader. Yet he did it while claiming he was all about unity — as he attacked and demonized millions of Americans, for the crime of wanting to “Make America Great Again.” In the Biden world, that is a crime and a “threat” — at least, a threat to the Democrats winning in 2022. So Biden must do all he can to create this threat to deflect from the failure that he and the Democrats have been since they’ve been in charge.

This was scary stuff, not just with him inciting against millions of Americans, but in the symbolism and how he went about this. We noted some of what Tucker Carlson said pre-speech, but his follow-up nailed it too. Tucker noted it was not a normal speech, with a blood red background and Marines behind him, in a tableau that reminded many of Nazi speeches. “Joe Biden has crossed over into a dangerous place,” Tucker declared.

You are a threat because you disagree with Joe Biden. It’s hard to think of a more dangerous thing to push, and doing it with the Marines behind him. It’s including them in a political move that is just so wrong.

Look at all the symbolism in these pictures.

It’s also concerning that there are many on the left on social media embracing this despicable display, thinking it’s a good thing. That’s partly who he’s trying to appeal to here. He wants to sell to them that he has energy, that he’s doing something. But the something that he’s doing is despicable, going after Americans.

Who are the fascists here? Hint to Joe Biden? It isn’t the MAGA Republicans. When you are going trying to shut down the opposition, check the mirror: The fascist staring back at you is you.

But in amongst all this evil, I would note one thing. The fact that he’s so desperate, the fact that he goes to this length to demonize half the country means that he knows they’re in trouble. He knows they are likely to lose and he’s pulling out all stops, with this kind of tactic. So while this is very concerning, we should also take heart that they know they are in deep trouble.

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