One Mother’s Love Shows Abortionist What Life Truly Looks Like

The Democratic Party believes that any child with a disability should die in the womb and not be allowed to see the light of day. Their belief in aborting children with disabilities is so strong that they encourage women to abort the baby once the defect is discovered. After all, in their reasoning, they would not want to see the family burdened with having to raise a person with a handicap. After all, the liberals demand that the person be productive in society, or they cannot be allowed to live.

But thankfully, it is not up to the raunchy liberals who gets to live. Michelle and Michael Bower found out that their baby girl, Lacey Grace Bower, had spina bifida. The doctors told the parents that they needed to murder their baby because of the present defect in her body.

The horrors of hearing a doctor tell parents to terminate a life simply because a child will have a handicap violates every oath that those doctors took to preserve life at all costs. The Bower family ignored the doctors and has thrived in life. Lacey Grace is learning to walk and use a wheelchair which defies the logic of the murderous doctors.

Lacey’s mother stated, “We met with the doctor right after the scan and heard the words’ neural tube defect’, ‘lemon-shaped head’ and ‘Spina Bifida to describe our daughter for the first time.” The terminology that the doctors used was cold and void of life. And the news was a shock to the Bower family. It affected them emotionally, but it was not enough to choose death over life.

Lacey’s condition means that she is paralyzed some below the waist. She will need help to do the most basic functions in life. And if the first announcement was not drastic enough for the couple, they also were told that the spine was affecting the rest of the child’s development. And yet, with all of the bad news that did not stop the parents from choosing life for their little girl.

Mrs. Bowers stated after the news that “We had just found out that we were having a girl the day before. We wanted a girl. We went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in under 24 hours. It was a complete and utter nightmare, but we still had hope. We hoped it was the less severe form of the condition until we got more testing done.”

But once the doctors told the couple how bad the condition was, they were also told that abortion was the way to deal with it. But for both parents, it was not an option. They were horrified to hear the doctors talk about murdering their baby girl because of a physical defect. Love is what surrounded this family, and there was nothing that was going to tear them apart.

The couple was also told that their baby had a hole in her back where the spine could be seen. An operation would be needed to close the hole.

The Democrats would have already killed the child at this point in the narrative. And if they controlled the healthcare system, they would have denied the couple the operation because it would have cost too much. These significant issues will become a reality if Biden can get his socialism up and running in America.

The road to birth was long for this family, and in time Lacey has learned a lot and has exceeded the expectations of her liberal doctors that wanted to kill her. None of the doctors will ever admit that they were wrong. They will forget the matter and move on to their next case.

Abortion is the single act of murder that the Democrats can claim they can legally justify. But just because a liberal can murder a baby legally does not make it morally or ethically right. The Bower family made a tough decision but, in the end, found out that the joys of life are far greater than the reality of living with the decision to murder a baby coldly.

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