Getting People Murdered is the Only thing Chicago Mayor is Good At

Why is it that more people aren’t talking about what’s happening in Chicago? Mayor Lori Lightfoot seems to be good at only one thing: getting people murdered.

This past Friday night, there were over 40 people shot – seven of them died. It’s a horrific number, and yet, the mayor doesn’t seem to be doing anything to work on reducing the number of people who are shot at on a weekly basis.

With the number of murders that have happened in 2021 alone, Lightfoot should be taken out of office. She should be identified as inept and replaced so that innocent people can stop getting killed on the streets.

Yet, this highlights a much bigger problem with the Democratic Party. They reward stupidity and they turn their heads when they see ineptitude. It’s one of the reasons why Biden remains in office, too.

Lori Lightfoot could be releasing public service announcements about what the criminal offenses are for gun violence. She could also be working with the District Attorney to ensure that those killing people are sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

She’s doing none of those things. Instead, she sits in her office and pretends as though she’s doing a good job as mayor. She’ll tell reporters that it’s all because of guns – but then she’ll do nothing to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals.

The Sun-Times reported that there was early weekend violence on the 5100-block of West Madison Street. People were shot outside of a gas station. Someone inside of a black Dodge opened fire.

This wasn’t the only occasion of gun violence over the past week. More were shot on Wednesday and Thursday. Almost all of the people being shot and killed were innocent bystanders to the violence that erupts on the streets weekly.

As for last weekend, there were 50 people shot.

We’re not even through the month of August – and over 100 people have been shot. Gun violence has been increasing considerably under Mayor Lightfoot – and still, she does nothing.

Exactly what is Mayor Lightfoot good at? After all, she has to be doing something right to keep her job…right? Don’t count on it.

In addition to gun violence on the streets, there’s violence in the schools. There’s also bullying and cyberbullying. Poverty is another big problem – and homelessness can be seen in a number of neighborhoods.

Is that where the issues stop? Not even close. There are also racial disparities in health, hunger, and not enough job opportunities for those who are seeking employment to improve their status in life.

Seeing as how Lori Lightfoot is a woman of color, it would be assumed that she’d be all over the racial disparities…but she’s not. She’s not overly active in any aspect of running the city. She sits back and collects her paycheck.

Of course, she likes to play pretend. She opened Chicago public libraries so that they are open on Sundays…or at least she’ll make sure that happens by the end of 2021. And she makes promises about hiring more Chicagoans and getting them ready for life post-pandemic.

The reality is that Lightfoot isn’t a good mayor. She proves it every week when the murders happen. That seems to be the only thing she is good at – watching the crime rate rise in her city.

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