Biden Shows Up Hours Late, Gives A Ten-Minute Speech, Then Bolts Out

As President Joe Biden reaches closer to his Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, he continues to show just how frazzled and careless he is about the whole crisis. He showed up more than five hours late to talk about the Afghanistan updates but has continued to offer little reassurance. This might be one of the biggest gaslighting scandals ever presented to the American people by the U.S government.

While President Biden has offered little to no plan in his attempts to get Americans out of the country, it was confirmed by NBC News Carl Quintanilla that President Biden has continued to stick to the Pentagon’s recommendation of the Aug 31. Withdrawal deadline. While the Pentagon has also said that the number of U.S troops in Afghanistan will go to zero on Aug. 31, there is no telling who will protect the last Americans leaving.

President Biden explained how the completion by August 31 depends on the “Taliban continuing to cooperate,” despite saying not too long ago that they’d never take over. He said they’ve “completed their mission” and spent his speech appealing to the Taliban’s desire to be considered “legitimate” by the global community. Mind you, the Taliban is a terrorist organization known for its despicable treatment of women, children, and minorities.

Biden offered little to no hope on his plans for the stranded Americans and said they will continue to abide by the withdrawal deadline. As usual, Biden took zero questions after his speech and quickly left the room. He came in for not only 10 minutes to tell everyone that the American citizens are stranded before leaving the room without a single question.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, on the other hand, said the original plan months ago was to keep 650 U.S troops at the U.S Embassy in Kabul. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. At this point, many plans have fallen through. Biden didn’t even keep up with his original Sept. 11 deadline or the one in Trump’s original agreement. What’s going on here?

Major General Hank Taylor has reported that 21,600 individuals have evacuated the country in the last 24 hours and at an increased pace of one departure every 45 minutes. But the Pentagon still refuses to give an exact number or overall percentage on how many have been evacuated from Afghanistan. Kirby said that several thousand Americans were safely evacuated but “that is as far as I’m going to be able to go today.”

It is also unclear how long it will take troops to airlift the remaining forces and leave the country entirely. Reporters asked Kirby how they are preparing for departure to meet their deadlines if it’s going to take “at least several days” to get the equipment and personal “safely and effectively retrograded.” Kirby pushed back again and said he’s not going to get into a “specific tick-tock here” and has given no further details on how U.S forces will pack up and leave Afghan allies behind.

The Pentagon has also continued to insist that there will be “no other additional operations” after the mission is complete, meaning they are ready to just leave more Americans stranded behind.

Biden’s Afghanistan disaster is only getting worse by the day, as the administration continues to abandon thousands of U.S citizens in a terrorist-controlled country. Even left-leaning journalists are reporting on the disaster. NBC News Richard Engel wrote that U.S citizens were alerted by the embassy “to leave Afghanistan or they’re on their own.” The alert was recalled 30 minutes later.

Politico journalist Lara Seligman wrote that the Taliban even started halting people trying to get in through the airport gates. She reported that they were not only doing this for Afghans but American citizens.

A source working directly with the Afghanistan evacuation effort wrote that a deal had been done with the Taliban to be completely out by Aug. 31. This means that the evacuations will stop prior to that date because the military needs time to draw down. “Anybody left is on their own,” the source states.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also confirmed that the evacuations will stop prior to Aug. 31 because the military needs time to “drawdown.” At this point, every single source has confirmed that after Aug. 31, American citizens are on their own. Mind you, there are somewhere between 10-15,000 Americans still stuck within the country and some trapped under Taliban rule.

At this point, the Biden Administration has negotiated with terrorists and left Americans on their own. Vice President Kamala Harris continues to laugh about the Afghanistan crisis, President Biden is showing up hours late to deliver no new information, and just about everyone else has thrown up their hands to the Taliban.

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