Why are the Vaccinated Being Told to Wear Masks?

The CDC has made updates to the mask mandate. Those who are fully vaccinated have been told they do not have to mask up. The federal government has embraced this recommendation, too. It’s been a way to ensure that more people are getting vaccinated so that they can go maskless.

Yet, not everyone is listening to the CDC recommendations. The federal government is allowing businesses, universities, cities, and even states to determine whether people still have to wear masks.

We’re being suffocated while the Biden administration looks on.

Monmouth University in New Jersey is a perfect example of going against the grain. They’ve released COVID-19 guidelines for the 2021 fall semester. They’ve recognized how the governor has relaxed the six-foot social distancing requirement.

Monmouth wants to put safety first, however. They will be establishing a three-foot social distancing rule throughout in-person instruction across the campus.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated students alike must abide by another rule at the university. They “will continue to require masks in all classroom, lab, and teaching spaces, as well as the library, for everyone in attendance… Individual faculty and support staff may also require students visiting their respective offices to be masked before meeting.”

Wait…this goes against the CDC recommendations. It also goes against what the federal government has been telling anyone.

If people are vaccinated, they shouldn’t be forced to wear masks. Are they basing this on science or on fear? There’s enough science released to show that a vaccinated person is safe. So, Monmouth University has decided to suffocate students throughout in-campus learning all in the name of fear.

And it’s not like they have to worry about the unvaccinated tainting anyone. The university is requiring every member of the Monmouth community to be vaccinated – students, staff, and faculty. The only exemptions would be for those on religious or medical grounds.

Universities aren’t the only ones keeping people masked up for no obvious reason.

When the Biden administration has already acknowledged and accepted the CDC recommendations, there’s no reason why the vaccinated should still have to wear masks anywhere.

We need to know the plan for ratcheting up the resources necessary to raise the line here. Otherwise, flattening the curve won’t do anything but destroy the economy. The line right now isn’t high enough to clear the flattened curve indefinitely, or in case of second wave.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) March 20, 2020

Yet there are still federal spaces requiring masks. The TSA is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. They’re a federal agency, so they should be following the recommendations from the Biden administration. Yet, standing in line in the airport or sitting on a plane still requires that the vaccinated suffocate. Why? Because no one wants to listen to science.

We’ve already flattened the curve. We’ve already slowed down the number of COVID deaths. We’ve done everything that’s been asked of us. State after state has proven that they have the coronavirus under control.

Though, we’re still being punished. Coronavirus lockdowns are still being seen all over the country.

When Will It Be Safe to End Coronavirus Lockdowns? Flattening the curve isn’t enough, Columbia U. scientist tells the New Yorker. via @NewYorker

— Tony Davis (@tonydavis987) May 9, 2020

And universities like Monmouth are only making it harder for students to learn. It’s hard to concentrate on college-level courses when breathing through three layers of fabric.

As much as people argued at the beginning that the federal government wasn’t trying to control us, it sure seems like that now. Perhaps it’s not really about our safety. This is a test to see how much they can get us to comply.

Looking around in stores and businesses, it’s clear who will and who will not comply. Conservative states have stood their ground and given rights back to its residents. Meanwhile, liberal states are holding onto rights for as long as they can.

Perhaps the worst of it is that Monmouth University has issued these requirements without any asterisk. There’s no asterisk to say that if one thing or another happens, they’ll reevaluate their COVID guidelines. Nope. They’re content to keep everyone masked for the entire semester no matter what the reality of COVID is in New Jersey at the time.

This has got to end, but it has to end with a federal mandate. Too bad Biden isn’t too good with those…


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