Joy Reid’s Views Of Public School Education Have Parents Outraged, Claims There Is Confederate Race Theory

Radical left news networks like MSNBC have been obsessed with race for quite some time now. And one of their hosts, Joy Reid, took it upon herself to invent a new history: Confederate Race Theory. She insinuated that “most K-12 students” have already learned a form of Confederate Race Theory, a type of curriculum that imposes a version of history where slavery wasn’t so bad and had nothing to do with the Civil War.

Reid took to Twitter and asked if the fight against Critical Race Theory was a reason to continue teaching Confederate Race Theory. She asked why things continue to be omitted. “Or is it about adding more empty praise to the teaching of history and completing the sanitization of history that already is the case? If so, why? How does that make children smarter? And don’t you think kids will eventually find out the facts anyway? Would love a response,” Reid tweeted.

The entire rant was described as “extremely bizarre” and that no one was calling for slavery to be ignored in American history. They said that anyone who believes her tweets are true must have skipped their history classes and that the entire Civil War and Abraham Lincoln would’ve been left out of American education. GOP lawmakers are fighting against the CRT curriculum because it is heavily based on Marxist influence, liberal propaganda, and the historically inaccurate New York Times ‘1619 Project.’

The project claims that the Founding began with a small number of slaves in 1619 and that the entire U.S institution is embedded in slavery. The curriculum also teaches children to smear all White people as oppressors, label all Black people as oppressed, and view every social situation under the lens of race.

Critics were unsupportive of Reid’s tweets and her views about the American education system, with students from public schools talking about all of the betrayals and historical facts they learned in the classroom around slavery. Students shared that the American history curriculum, especially in states that have banned CRT, are doing better than most.“I’ve lived all over the Eastern half of the country now and have found that I received a better education in history than most. There is always room for improvement, but your post is condescending and ill-informed,” one rural Alabama public school student wrote.

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey told Joy she lives in a ‘mythical world’ and does not understand what is happening in the realm of reality. “No one, and I mean no one, is learning that ‘slavery was not so bad,’” she tweeted.

There’s a reason why Tucker Carlson calls Joy Reid the “race lady.” And while the rest of the country knows that students are not learning that slavery was “not so bad,” this is another extreme example of how far the radical left will go to push their point. Critical Race Theory is pure discrimination and where people are told that they are victims and can’t make things work in their circumstances.

What happened to reading, math, and science being the only things taught in our schools?

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