Even MSNBC Wants Nothing to Do With Andrew Cuomo Anymore

Over the last year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been plagued with scandals and pleaded to resign in the public eye. But it was recently announced that his book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic” has already pocketed about $3.12 million from the deal he struck during the height of the pandemic. Mind you, Cuomo’s book on “pandemic leadership” came out right before the scandal broke that his administration underreported nursing home COVID-19-related deaths. Never saw a chapter on that in his book.

The New York Times disclosed that the governor has received over $3 million through funds funneled to his daughters’ trust fund. While promotions for the memoir were canceled amid the nursing home scandals, Cuomo is still set to receive another $2 million from the publisher over the next two years. Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi said Cuomo has received $1,537,508 in net proceeds after expenses and taxes for the book deal last year.

An investigation was even opened by New York Attorney General Letitia James over Cuomo using state resources and the staffer’s time to work on his book, along with the sexual harassment and misconduct claims against him. Even top New York Democrats and White House officials are calling for Cuomo to resign.

Things are getting so bad for Cuomo that even MSNBC, the radical-left news platform, wants nothing to do with him. On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” MSNBC segment, host Willie Geist weighed in on the whopping $5.1 million that Cuomo will receive total from his book on the pandemic and said his leadership had been “terrible and deadly in many cases.” The governor who Democrats loved and praised all last year is the same one they are now calling “deadly.” Figures.

Geist mentioned Cuomo’s “celebratory book” about his leadership that was released right in the middle of a coverup, along with the sexual harassment investigation happening in his time as governor. After a year of the liberal media praising Cuomo’s leadership every day on live television, they now want to tell us what we already knew.

“I don’t know how in good faith you could accept the $5 million for a book about your leadership in a crisis when your state, the state of New York — not all through his fault, but it’s a truth — had it as bad or worse than anybody else in the country. And the leadership in many cases, as these investigations are showing and this journalism has shown, has been frankly terrible and deadly in many cases,” Geist said.

And now Andrew Giuliani, the 35-year-old son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced his run against Democratic Governor Cuomo. He said he plans to run a platform of pro-business, pro-police, and pro-school choice. He also vows to roll back corporate taxes and income taxes, noting that the economic environment is one of the reasons why so many people are leaving the Big Apple. His father Rudy Giuliani also served as a White House aide and personal lawyer to former President Donald Trump, and will be on board with his son’s bid.

Andrew Giuliani called Cuomo’s nursing home scandal “the worst” in New York’s history and said he should’ve resigned after taking action on a policy that killed 9,000 senior citizens. He said that Cuomo refused to let the USS Comfort ship or the Javits Center to house seniors with COVID and give Trump a ‘political victory’ at the time.

“I know we can defeat Andrew Cuomo in 2022. I am going to be the 57th governor of New York. I believe we have the best chance to win if I’m the Republican candidate in November. It’s not even close. You’re going to have more enthusiasm in the race,” Giuliani said.

He even referenced a “Giuliani vs. Cuomo” political battle to the famous 1971 heavyweight title prizefight of Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. He said he has the best chance to take on the three-term incumbent Cuomo.

Giuliani would have to first take on the GOP primary candidates including Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin and former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who lost to Cuomo as the GOP nominee for governor in 2014. A Republican hasn’t won a statewide race since 2002 when George Pataki was elected to his own term as governor.

Giuliani’s greatest asset, however, is that he isn’t Andrew Cuomo. Democratic Gov. Cuomo has been promoting crime, underreporting during the pandemic, and pocketing funds along the way. He doesn’t care about the wellbeing of New Yorkers, just how deep their pockets are…And the media is only now catching up.

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  1. Cuomo is an advocate of an all powerful political movement. Others exist in cities like Chicago, New York, Portland (Oregon), Baltimore. Then others are alive in the state houses in Michigan, California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, and nationally the WH. AND, the minority is a large one .. large enough to take control of our lives. They give favors, steal public money or use it like it was their own, lie …lie … lie, and steal elections. They want control and they are adept at getting it from an easily fooled public. .

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